Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Capturing movement on film is impossible since it is a single image frozen in time. Too much movement and then blur happens and things won’t focus resulting in a poor quality picture. Adding stabilizers in cameras help eliminate some of our movements to get a better picture, so how do we show movement?

Yesterday I tried to capture some movement shots as I spent the day with my family at a BBQ. Here is one of my nephew jumping in the pool. See the splash and the movement of his body under the water.


Then on the drive home I tried to get the blur and light trails from cars on the highway. This turned out kind of cool as we drove on an overpass and I took a shot of the highway below us.

Light Signatures

Then there is the mighty Niagara Falls, just down the road from here… hear her roar and feel the thundering vibration as the water twists, turns and spills over the edge of the escarpment. Feel the mist that envelops you as you get closer. All the movement tantalizes your senses and gives you an amazing experience. You want more? Then get on the Maid of the Mist for a worm’s eye view up at the hight and majesty that is Niagara Falls. The boat moves closer to the spray and waterfall as your heart pounds and you are in awe of her power and movement. She is not only pretty to look at since she supplies a lot of electric power to help give movement to our electronic devices that would sit still and black without her power.

Maid of the Mist

How do others interpret this week’s challenge of movement? Look here for more, or to post your own.

Stay tuned for more…


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15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

  1. These are all wonderful – love the way the car lights dance!

    • Was a little crazy since we were driving across a bridge and traffic was going straight, but made a cool effect. Was fun to play around with the camera settings. Thanks for the kind comment.

  2. Love the second image…in line with what i did I guess

    • Thanks… I tried it after seeing a few pics of this. I was stumped and found it hard to capture movement on film since it is meant to be a frozen image in time.

  3. You made me feel like I want to jump and just embrace happiness. I’ve seen my son jumped into the pool so countless times and it never fails to take my breath away . Just seeing how happy he is, of how free and excited he looks, of being one in all pureness with the moment. I wish we all as adults could feel a similar awesomeness of the moment and see it for what it is. A lot of times we get so wrapped up with the busy, stressful world that we miss the simple pleasures that could have been our source of inspiration. Today, you showed us how life can be fun and beautiful. Thanks. Best wishes…

    • I guess that is why I enjoy working with kids. They make me laugh and see the simple pleasures in life. Sometimes I get ‘silly’ with my class and when things get too busy we stop and do something to make us laugh. My nephews have had a rough year and to see them laugh and happy again was pure joy.Thanks for the comment.

  4. cocoaupnorth

    Great pics. Love the light signatures, absolutely beautiful and unusual.

  5. Nice work, I love the second including its title!

  6. Great photoshot, especially the second picture “Light signatures” 😛

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