Just a Taste of Cuba

Canadian travel bugs has been quiet the last 2 weeks since we were in Cuba. Our resort had internet, but it was extremely slow and therefore expensive, so they recommended to use it only for emergencies and even then the phone was probably better. We are back in Canada, but in a few days we are back on a plane to Shanghai via Dubai, so that is 2 days of flying! I have missed the photo challenges, reading blogs and writing, but all that will have to wait a few more days. When we get back to Shanghai it will be 2 days to recover from jet leg before returning to work. Hopefully I can get back into routine quickly and get back to blogging 🙂

So here is a taste of a few sites from Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba… I hope to catch up soon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay tuned for more next time on Cuba, Canada and China….

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18 thoughts on “Just a Taste of Cuba

  1. Awesome photos! I love the gallery! how did you do it? Did you use a plug in? I can’t wait to hear all about Cuba! I’ll be off the radar myself soon as I leave for France on Friday for my hiking trip with my dad. I have traveled way too much this month, from DC to NYC for the BlogHer conference and now this. I’m sicker than a dog and so are my kids. But I’ll get through it all. I’ve learned so much it will take all fall to digest. Lots about blogging at the conference too which I will share. It was very overwhelming but worth it. 🙂

    • Wow busy lady! I was also sick and feeling better now, but hubby has it. Cuba was VERY good and I had the chance of a life time to go with a local and explore a little village… AMAZING… I feel we were so lucky to have had the experience! Will write about that when I have time. Over 900 photos… gulp! Now lots was trying out the new camera and testing settings…
      The gallery is a part of WP. When you add more than 1 photo it asks for gallery or slide show at the very bottom after where you can go into add captions etc. First option is add gallery and then next is add slide show. It only puts [slideshow] where it would be, but you can preview it before posting. I did a search in the WP site also to learn how to do it and there is a video to show you all the steps.
      Have a WONDERFUL time in France… avoir, see you soon.

  2. Great shots! I have the same question as Nicole … how did you do the gallery??

    Can’t wait to hear more stories from the 3 C’s.

    • Cuba was awesome… sick for a bit, but still lounged around in the sun. Hubby has it now. Nasty bug that brings on weakness and pain… it didn’t spoil our time 🙂
      Slide show is an easy option which is WAY down the bottom of where you upload all your photos… it shows the thumbnails and then it gives the option of gallery (small pics) and then slide show. It won’t show you how it looks, but you can preview it before posting. I did a search under WP help and they have a great tutorial video to walk you through the steps visually. Hope that helps.
      Thanks for visiting… how is work going?

  3. Gorgeous! Great place for vacation!

    • It was awesome… and we were able to get into a local village which is not where tourists would really wander. What an opprotunity… I will write more later on that.
      Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

  4. Wow. Stunning photos. I hope your vacation was relaxing!
    Miss you lots! Take time to enjoy the view from your classroom too ❤

    • Thanks. I took over 900 photos! I have to sort them since most were playing with the new camera and settings. I also kept the pocket camera at the ready to catch some cute cats that lived at the resort, ellusive lizards and stunning scenery. It was heavenly… I was sick (nasty bug was going around with many tourists), but it didn’t get in the way of relaxing by the pool 😉 Time was slow and peaceful. We met lots of people too and had a chance to get off the beaten path. More on that later.
      Back now to reality that work is a week away and we need to do all the paperwork, packing and catching up before heading back… time has sped up! Or so it seems after the stress-free atmosphere of Cuba 🙂
      Wish we could have spent more time together… maybe you should come visit us in China!

  5. Freda Goulet

    Hi Diana, Great pics…you do such an awesome job with your camera and blogging. Another visit and we still haven’t had lunch…time goes so quickly. I have spent 60% of each week in Dunnville with Josh…a great way to spend summer! Time does go way too quickly. Safe trip home to Shanghai. I’m looking forward to your next blog. I hope John is feeling better.
    Aunt Freda

    • At the airport now. Time went very fast, too fast. Not ready to go back yet…. Ahhh never enough time.
      Thanks for the compliments. I just got a new camera and it has a great zoom. Just learning all the functions and testing it out I took over 900 photos in Cuba!

  6. Cuba is such a great destination. We went in on a cruise ship a few years ago and it was a fantastic entry into Havana. I don´t think I will ever forget it.

    • It is a great place. I love their passion for music and how friendly they are. We didn’t go to Havanah this time, but went into a small village… amazing!
      Thanks for commenting.

      • Lilly

        Try Trinidad next time,guaranteed you get addicted and never want to go back,quintessential Cuba and World Heritage listed

        • Trininidad in Cuba or Trinidad the country?
          I have heard that Trinidad, Cuba is very old world and off the tourist track. Better than Havanah. Thanks hopefully one day we will make it there.

  7. Oh wow! You are in paradise. Amazing sunsets, crystal clear waters, the music, the culture and the entire event…just mesmerizing. Thanks.

  8. Lilly

    How’s life in Shanghai? We have spent a few days there a couple of weeks ago and managed to book a room with the best view over The Bund,we were blown away from the lights spectacular,amazing stuff,a very big change from inland Sardinia and Sydney suburbia

    • Shanghai is very amazing. You are right the lights and night views are beautiful. We are now into our third year here and it still amazes us at the sights we see. The old traditions and ways of life travel the streets along side of modern technology and fast Italian cars!
      Thanks for the visit and comment 🙂

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