Weekly Image of Life: Summertime Blast

For me summer is already over and we have plunged right into work and getting ready for the new year. The last few meetings will soon take place, the finishing touches and materials will be readied for the students and the eager children will arrive early Wednesday morning  for a new school year.

My summer time blast was nothing big and brilliant, but slow and steady. After a very busy and stressful year I took a few weeks to sleep in and just sit quietly on the porch. We had a few visits with friends and family, which weren’t enough or a chance to connect with everyone we wanted. A trip to Cuba also filled our days with more relaxing a chance to escape emails and routines. Time went too fast and now just a memory. How I wish I was still at home or lounging on a beach chair as the pressures of everyday come flooding back all at once.

View from my Beach Chair in Cuba

Instead of a computer and a mountain of paper work I wish this was my view 🙂

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Stay tuned for more…

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Image of Life: Summertime Blast

  1. How I wish I could just stare at this view of the beach and the sea forever . The image reminded me of paradise, a paradise that we all hoped to have in our mind and heart. This sounded like me as well when you wrote, “How I wish I was still at home or lounging on a beach chair as the pressures of everyday come flooding back all at once.” I’m still thankful that even for a brief time, I was able to find my version of inner paradise. A paradise of calmness., peace, love and happiness. Breathtaking photo my friend. Thanks for taking us to this amazing place…

    • Thanks 🙂 I should print it off and put it at work, so when I start to feel stressed I can have a quick mental vacation!
      Thanks for the comment and helping me see the positive side.

  2. Mental vacation sounds great and it does work. There’s this view of the beach on a remote island that I went to way back in college. Everytime I’m stressed out, I visualize it and somehow, I feel better. Thanks.

    • That is a great idea… I will have to use it 🙂 Things are tough right now and feeling ‘blue’. That really helped. Thanks again for your comments, helping me gain perspective and your postive outlook. I needed that.

  3. Sure looks like a Summertime Blast to me! 🙂

    • It was relaxing… I guess I define a blast as constant excitement, like a firecracker. My summer was… slow, steady, peaceful with no need for a watch or schedule. Much needed down time that was AWESOME… just time to enjoy the moment and watch the world go by.

  4. Aw, what a lovely view!

  5. Freda Goulet

    I agree too…a mental vacation sounds like a very comforting idea. We all get stressed ..yes, even tho I am retired, so having a picture of a peaceful, stress free place in view would help to get back on a more positive track!
    I hope routines are settling down for you at school. You will do an awesome job of teaching those children. They are so lucky to have you with your energy and enthusiasm….

    • Thanks. Wednesday is the BIG day. We have 3 days to be more flexible, do games and getting to know you things, so it makes getting into a routine easier.

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  8. Aw………. such a relaxing picture……….

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