Capture the Colour: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow & White

I have been so blessed this week. I was awarded two awards last week (super sweet award and beautiful blogger) and as luck would have  it I opened my in box to find another nomination this time for the  Capture the Colour Competition organised by Before I had the time to respond I was nominated again for Capture the Colour! Talk about lucky 🙂 So thank you so much Marianne over at East of Malaga and to the Island Traveller at This Man’s Journey for their generous nominations.

So how does this award work? Well it is a photo challenge of sorts and it has five categories, one for each of the colour – red, blue, white, yellow and green.   Each category winner will receive an iPad3, and the overall winner will receive £2,000 to be spent on travel… sweet!


This picture was taken during a tea ceremony with flowering teas at a traditional tea house in Shanghai, China.


A small green thistle before its purple flowers opened. This was taken in Canada this summer.


Blue is this elusive colourful lizard in Cuba. Each trip to Cuba (this was our third) I have tried to get a snap of this colourful creature. Once I got a blurred shot from a distance, but nothing more than that. This trip I saw them numerous times and I was determined to get my pic! They are very camera shy. I stalked the things for weeks and always had my camera close. Patience finally paid off.


The hint of yellow from a little girl’s bucket at the beach in Cuba. I used this picture last week in the silhouette photo challenge and got many compliments, so I thought it would be a good choice for yellow.


I wanted to include things that were different and maybe unusual… can you guess what this is? Hint it was taken in China. Give up? Did you at least try to guess? It is the silk threads from a silk worm. The cocoons are soaked and then the threads are unwound. The threads are surprisingly strong!


I knew the challenge was ending soon, but had no time to go to the main site for all the details. I waited for the weekend and I just got everything together to enter when I discovered it closed Aug. 29th. 😦  If the challenge was still open I would also nominate some great blogs. So instead enjoy the photos and check out the links to the other great sites 🙂

Stay tuned…

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13 thoughts on “Capture the Colour: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow & White

  1. OOHH fabulous photos, Diana. I especially love the blue and green lizard. He´s gorgeous 🙂

  2. These are fantastic! I really love the lizard, the yellow bucket and the silkworm. Great entry!!!

  3. Freda Goulet

    I love the Tea Ceremony picture…you have captured all of the colors in this one picture. Great pictures, Diana.

    • Thank you… I wanted to do something a little different. I never thought I had all the colours there… thanks for pointing that out. Too bad I missed the deadline. Would be interesting to see what feedback I may have received.

  4. Love the lizard photo! Unbelievable colors! 🙂

    • Thanks. They were so bright… and usually they were in the shade or too far away to get a picture or show the vibrancy of the colours. This time they co-operated and it turned out just right. Thanks again for the visits.

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