Travel Theme: Texture

This week Ailsa has come up with the theme texture. So many ways texture can be shown in a picture. I find texture stands out most in black and white… unfortunately my black and white is on film, not digital.

I got a new camera this summer and tried to learn the features and functions. Snapping at a fast speed I caught this picture of the surf…

Just this week walking on the sidewalk we noticed this bundle of branches where trees were being pruned. One of my fellow teachers spotted the hand-made rope. Interesting texture and design.

Last but not least is my kitty Holly who passed last spring. She had an interesting coat. Her fur had a curl to it! Her back would usually lay smooth, but her belly would go curly and into ringlets especially in hot and humid weather. I couldn’t resist getting a shot of it because it was so unusual.

Go see more pictures or join in the fun at Where’s My Back Pack. Thanks for an awesome challenge! I really enjoyed this one and looking at the details 🙂

Stay tuned for more…

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13 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Texture

  1. Freda Goulet

    I love the pic of Holly. You must miss her…

    • Yes I have missed her a lot. There is a cat here at our compound that I visit with. Not nearly the same though. One day when we are back in Canada I will have to get another pet. It would be too hard here and then to try and bring it home, or have to leave it behind.

  2. Oh my Holly is so Beautiful. I have never seen a cat that looks like her, ever. I love her cinnamon and white colouring, she looks like a little baby (cat baby!) sleeping in her basket. It actually bought a tear to my eye because I know she is no longer with you. She really is cute and gorgeous.

    Max’s hair is similar where his belly and the inside of his legs and chest are little curls. But the rest just lies flat. When we had him groomed, the guy told us that he had 2 coats which are very different. The underneath hair is really soft and cotton-wool like and the top coat is regular. So it’s tough brushing him as its the underneath fur that knots so easily.

    I am so glad I have seen Holly now. Words can’t describe how lovely she looks; a proper little bundle of fluffy-ness. She’s gorgeous. And I’m so sorry that you lost her x x x

    • Thanks Immie. She was one big ball of fluff. She was so big there… the last few years she went from 10 or 11 pounds in that picture to maybe 3 or 4. It was sad really… but the progression was so slow. She lost a lot of weight just before we came to China. Our house had stairs for the first time! That slimmed her down.
      Holly also matted very easily. In the summer I would get her hair cut to help with the knots. Her fur was so soft too.
      She was a lovely cat. My one apartment everyone knew her and I was the lady with the lovely cat. They would see her in the windows.
      Thanks for your kind words. I am glad you got to see her.

      • She is truly gorgeous. Thank You. Max has the same trouble with His coat – It get’s matted so quickly. I should be brushing him everyday really. Thankfully the knots are not too big – I hate hurting him but a few tugs will get rid of them.

        • Holly’s got so big I had to take her to a groomer once. After that I would shave her each summer to help. Holly didn’t like to be brushed either, so it was tough to keep the mats down. She would get the ‘Lion King” cut. She loved it and would prance around… so much cooler. By fall her coat would be all back and ready for winter.

          • Wow, I bet she looked great! I like the sound of the ‘Lion King’ cut! I think if I was to have max’s hair shaved he would never forgive me! lol! He only has small knots but they still hurt him so I’m using the gentler brush to lossen them first before the de-matter comb comes out. Mum just thinks he’s a wimp, so I’ll let Her try and then she’ll see what happens!!

  3. Love the surf. Sorry to hear about your cat. She will always be in your heart. Beautiful textures!

    • Thank you. Hard to beleive it is almost 6 months since I lost Holly. She was a very special cat and yes is always in my thoughts and in my heart.
      Thanks for the kind comments.

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  5. Look at that Kitty! That is some wonderful texture! So sorry for your loss. There’s nothing like a furry friend!

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