Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday & Discovery

One of the things that I love about China is the everyday life. It is so unique and different from what you can see at home. The old and new ways intermingle in a way that sometimes makes you stop and take a second glance. It is normal life here, but for me interesting and unusual. Check out the Weekly Photo Challenges set by Word Press and Island Traveller to see more or join in.

Nightly Street Sellers

Above the nightly street sellers have set up their portable restaurant. The second photo is the packing up after the trade show. The streets were packed with trucks and people transporting things back to their waiting vehicles.

Below are 2 shots of different people collecting materials that they can sell or reuse. Look carefully at the one on the right and you can see the man’s wife perched on top!

Recycling Team Work…

Recycling Team Work

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15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday & Discovery

  1. Excellent photos, Diana! I wonder if the lady had her seat-belt on? πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow! The merchant’s wife had a perfect balance. Exciting, unique, fascinating yet humbling everyday life discovery. I see similar images in the Philippines that makes me ask, “Do these things really happen?” So much to learn and appreciate. Beautiful post. Thanks my friend.

    • Thank you. Vietnam was also similar in ways… we saw that when we visited last spring. It is fun to see, but then to think this is real life. I know people at home wonder about life here and think I am making it up or stretching the truth…. but I say HOW can I make this stuff up?

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  5. You couldn’t make this up! I think the wife is holding it all together – as wives do!

  6. Pretty impressive with all that load. πŸ˜‰

    • Yes it is a balancing act. This is not the largest I have seen. I have started to carry my camera around trying to catch the giant ‘totem’ load on film! One day…

  7. Even here at “home” you can find the unusual. You just have to take the time to see it. For example I live so close to one of the world’s natural wonders. Its sight and sound is part of my every day… my normal. Yet when I look at “The Falls” its still breath taking. I love seeing how the light reflects at different times of the day and year.

    • Yes true. I think we rush too much and miss a lot. I think that is the ‘kid’ in me that stops and wonders sometimes. Just the other day I stopped to watch a gorgeous sunset at work (PURPLE like I have never seen before). Others were there and missed it. We are too busy and focused sometimes on one thing we forget to look around.
      Thanks so much for the encouragement πŸ™‚

  8. Freda Goulet

    I love the picture of the loaded wagon with the lady on top….what a great perspective she had that day of life on the streets! I wish I could have seen her face! I agree with Lavendarladi….there are many unique and unusual happenings around us but we are often too busy to notice. I love looking at cloud formations and colors….some are truly unusual.

    • Yes she would have a bird’s eye view. She was lovely with a cute little hat on… I wish I had the camera ready as they were coming up to me. I was waiting to cross a busy road, so where I was standing I couldn’t see until they were right infront of me.
      I too love to watch the cloud formations, especailly with sunset. There have been some amazing sunsets lately. Maybe another post…

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