Travel Theme: White

This week the challenge set by Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack is WHITE. A few weeks back I participated in the Capture the Colour Contest and posted something white; a silk worm and cocoon silk threads.  I thought about using something different, but I also wanted to reuse a picture I posted for texture last week since it is one of my favourites and fits 😉 . I also added another of a beautiful summer sky taken when we were home this past summer.

White Sand & Surf… the perfect combination.


Cotton Candy Clouds

Ailsa talked about white as a symbol of peace since it was International Day of Peace this week. What better way to have inner peace then staring into the sky or relaxing and listening to the rhythmic lull of the sea. What is peace for you?

If you want to see more or have a great shot to share go here.

Stay tuned for more…


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12 thoughts on “Travel Theme: White

  1. Lovely white photos!

  2. Spiritual World Traveler

    Love the first one!

  3. Freda Goulet

    Diana, I love both of these shots…they both portray a feeling of peace. This past summer the sky was filled with huge fluffy white clouds, probably because it was so hot and dry, with not enough moisture to darken them.
    My idea of peace is watching a young child sleeping. When Josh was a newborn, I loved to hold him and watch him sleep as the feeling of peacefulness emanating from Josh surrounded me too.

  4. White sands and cotton candy clouds for White, how cool! Beautiful shots!

  5. love the water shot

  6. Leslie

    While playing with my new camera I realized that green is the colour of peacefulness for me. I love the many subtle shades of green in nature. Its so very soothing. (ties in with the solitude post… walks alone in nature are particularly soothing.)

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