Flat Stanley : Seoul Man

This week was National Holiday in China and we had a weeks holiday. After getting some work completed and reports done we booked a short trip to Seoul, Korea. As I explained in my last post , my class was doing the Flat Stanley Project where each child would take a paper cut out of Flat Stanley with them on their vacation. I of course also participate. My class enjoys hearing about our adventures as much as sharing their own. Many excited 7 year olds left with Flat Stanley andΒ  a journal tucked away safely in their backpacks, so they could embark on their own personal adventure. Their imaginations soared with ideas of what they would encounter and pretend to be a part of a story.

Thanks to Henricus for the idea for the title as our adventure began in Seoul.

Traditional Palace Grounds

My best score for a photo had to be getting Flat Stanley into a photo shoot with a woman in traditional garb. A photographer was taking photos of a woman and with motions and asking we had the woman hold Flat Stanley and quickly took a few photos. I snapped a few pictures and didn’t even notice that the photographer also started to get into it until Henricus pointed it out! How funny would it be if Flat Stanley ended up in a Korean ad campaign or magazine?

Posing for Pictures

Weaseling his way into a Photo Shoot!












I also had a picture of him taken with the military inside the DMZ. They posed for the photos, but with security warnings inside the DMZ I don’t think I should post the photo. Could it cause issues?Β  Regardless I am sure the Koreans think we Canadians are a little nutty! I don’t have children with me, nor look in my teens where I could get away with this stuff. I am sure I caused a few giggles and raised some questions around the dinner table that night!

Stay Tuned for more…

Visiting the DMZ

Flat Stanley at the “Underground River”

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8 thoughts on “Flat Stanley : Seoul Man

  1. Freda Goulet

    I love it…great way to get your kids writing. Lucky Flat Stanley …getting to see the world with you! Happy Thanksgiving, to you both.

    • Yes Happy Gobble Gobble to you all. It was Thanksgiving in Korea while we were there… no turkey anywhere πŸ˜‰ !!! Lots of places shut and families out doing things together.

  2. You are in Seoul! Hope to see more photos later. Happy travel! πŸ™‚

    • Already back in Shanghai. We only had a week off work. We went to Korea for 5 days, 3 full days to tour around. It was fast, but good to get away. I Have 1 more post to do… without Flat Stanley πŸ˜‰

  3. Looks like Flat Stanley gave an amazing, rich adventure. Love the images. The traditional dress is beautiful and the river….just so relaxing. Can’t wait for the next trip of Mr. Stanley….

    • It is a fun project. I am excited to hear about my student’s adventures. They get so into it… it is so much fun. I think I get into it too much too πŸ˜‰ but they love that. Flat Stanley will be set aside until next year with a new batch of students.

  4. Such a fun exercise… I love the photo with the lady in traditional garb. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks… I am surprised they let us in on the photo shoot. It was too funny to see the photographer also get in on it. Next thing Flat Stanley will be in some ad campaign!

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