Weekly Travel Theme: Animals

October 4th was World Animal Day and Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack asked us to post some animals to celebrate. I love animals, especially cute and cuddly ones. I have held a Koloa and patted a Kangaroo in Australia, fed chipmunks and squirrels in Northern Ontario, swam with  dolphins in Cuba and had a pet cat for most of my life. So without further ado let me share some cuddly creatures.

Little Red Squirrel – Northern Ontario

Chipmunk, Northern Ontario

A Bear! Northern Ontario… out in the country.

And I saved the best for last… my much-loved Holly who was with us for almost 17 years.

Holly back in 2003

If you want to see more check out my post Viva La Cuba: Critters for some animals I came across in Cuba.

From Ailsa…. If you’d like to join in, here’s what to do:

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Stay tuned for more…

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Travel Theme: Animals

  1. I captured a chipmunk once when I was 8! He escaped pretty fast!

    • Cool! They are fast and smart! John caught one on a fishing pole… we tied peanuts on the line. LOL He took the ‘bait’ but quickly figured out it was tied on, so he chewed the line and ran off with the peanut!

  2. Love these cute and cuddly ones ones. Wonderful shots!

    • Thanks… the little critters are so cute, but pretty wild. These were at a camping area, so somewhat used to people… not as skitish. We tempted these over with bird seed and nuts, so I was able to get these shots. I had to sit very still and quiet so I wouldn’t scare them off.

      • It takes a lot of work and patience to take photos of animals. So much fun to look at these photos.:)

        • CanadianTravelBugs

          Thank you. It was fun and who can resist those cute little guys?

  3. Wow – betcha had to be quick to catch the chipmunk – and glad to see you got the ear from a distance!

    • CanadianTravelBugs

      We were in a van and in a driveway to snap the bear. That was on full zoom of my little point and shoot camera. I wasn’t getting any closer than that! The chipmunks are fast, but this one was busy eating/collecting the birdseed we left in a large pile. I sat quietly and very still for a long time, so they would come to get it and I snapped a few quick pics.

  4. You have a great variety of subjects for your pictures! And it sounds like you’ve had a lot of nice experiences with animals (like kangaroos) too 🙂

    • CanadianTravelBugs

      Oh I love ‘roos. Their fur is so silky soft. Koalas look cuddly but they have wirey, rough fur. I wish I had some of those to share, but they are on film back home in storage. My parents said sometimes they thought I should be a vet, not a teacher because I love animals so much.

  5. Those are some very cute animals. i have lot of respect for those who treat these creatures so well.

    • CanadianTravelBugs

      Thanks. I think they are very cute too. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Love thoss shots of the outdoor critters. 🙂

  7. Just adorable. Animals somehow teaches to be kinder, more caring and generous. They teach us to feel truly “human.”

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