Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette, Couples & Smiles

This week the three photo challenges can fit together with the right photos, so lets give it a go.

WordPress has set the theme “silhouette”, Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack “couples” and Island Traveller “smiles”. Click the links to join the challenges, or to see more for each theme.

Taking pictures of shadows is always fun and they can look like the silly mirrors from the fun house where you are tall and unnaturally thin, as your limbs are stretched out long and spindly. My husband and I pose together for a silhouetted kiss. Each day he brings a smile to my face and having a wonderful vacation brings smiles to us both as we recall the good times.

This pair of tall silhouetted wooden posts in Seoul had funny faces and goofy smiles. They made me laugh as I wondered what they were all about.

I have been saving this picture up for a while knowing at some point a photo challenge would come along it would be perfect for. This summer in Cuba I spotted this lizard inside a plastic light cover and its silhouette against the yellowish light turned out just right. It isn’t a couple, but if you read my post titled Cuban Critters you know the lizard stories that made us laugh and smile.

For those of you who don’t know I have been nominated for a Canadian Top Blog through the  Jonathan Kleiman – Toronto Law  web site. I am up for round 1 and voting ends Nov. 1. I’d appreciate your time to check it out and vote for me to move on to the next phase. I am in the  Best Travel and Expat Blog category which is on the right bottom corner (last one). Click that box/bar to open the list of nominees. You get one vote, so be careful as I am listed twice, but one of them is ME and the other has my name and someone else’s link. I am Canadian Travel Bugs’s Blog with the http: Canadian Travel Bugs…. (the other one is CTB http first and a different website). You can do that here. Thanks so much to my readers,  followers and your support. Thanks for voting 🙂

As always stay tuned… there is always more.

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39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette, Couples & Smiles

  1. Clever you! 🙂

    • Well I have to be these days with little time due to catching up on work on weekends and slow internet! By combining this week’s themes I could participate in all of them instead of none, or doing one on the basis of what photo did I find or think of first 😉
      Sorry I haven’t been by to visit you much lately… hope to catch up soon.

      • Has the internet always been slow there, or is this a new thing? Somehow I always imagined you’d be having the fastest of connections, especially in Shanghai!

        Don’t worry about visiting – we all do what we can, if and when we can – the rest doesn’t matter!

        Good luck with the Blogger award 🙂

        • Thanks for the well wishes. Not sure I will win, but I would like to at least move on to phase 2. Up against Jennifer, tough competition!
          The internet has always been slow and is getting slower. The reason we hear is due to the amount of person devices increasing… so many people have ipads and phones that use internet. Almost every coffee shop and restaurant offers free wifi. That is great, but they haven’t increased the infastructure fast enough to support it. I find weekends the worst. I can notice a difference in speed before 10AM. It drastically slows down. We haven’t paid the extra for a faster connection at home, and really I don’t think it would make a big difference. Oh well I will try my best.

          • Ummm – we have much the same problem here, though we also get drop offs corresponding to heavy Skype video calls to the States and Australia, etc. 😦

            Have a great week 🙂

            • Yes that here too…. especailly in my building where lots of other teachers live. Internet gets super slow.
              You have a good week as well.

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  4. The lizard is outstanding!

    • Thank you. I saw it and thought it looked cool. Couldn’t have planned a better picture… so my advantage is all probably due to the little guy trying to warm up.

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  8. I agree with Lucid Gypsy – the gecko is great!

  9. Your photos are great and just perfect for the challenges!

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  12. A smile, a kiss and the many exciting surprises in between are what keeps us celebrating each day with hope, love, joy and inspiration in our hearts. Beautiful entry that brings a huge smile and sunshine to my day. Thanks. Have great weekend.

    • Enjoy the rest of your weekend too. Yes it is the specail people in our life that make life worth it and the stress of the day melt away…. as you descibed in your post after a busy day. Life is just better when you can share it with those you love. 🙂

  13. you certainly did a great job combining all of them for this post…and congrats and good luck

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  15. Love the pictures!

    • Thanks … Love your cat gravatar!

      • Thanks… that my 7 month old kitten. This is a good depiction of him. He is quite a character.

        • How sweet. I had to put my 16 year old kitty down last spring and I am missing her and cats. We went to a pet store the other day to see monkeys (yes they have a monkey for sale!) and I held this 4 month old kitty and fell in love. We are in China and not sure where work will take us next, so we need to hold off on a new pet. My husband said the pet store is the best way to have a pet without the fur, mess and expense…

          • That is a way to get the kitty fix, like your husband said. I have done that a lot at different times. I got this one, Bendi, from a humane shelter here in the States. And I empathize about the cat loss. I lost my sweet baby 18 months ago and am still grieving. Then in Dec. we lost another, and yesterday the third one had to be put down because of severe health issues. They were all 12-16 years old (but I still thought they were too young for this sudden departure!) We had had them since kittens, so it has been rough! Bendi, at 7 months, has been helping with the healing because he is such a funny fella. Sorry you can’t get one yet, but I sure understand and feel your loss.

            • Thanks so much and I am sorry for your loss. It is never a good time is it? I got Holly from a shelter in Canada. Here in China they don’t do that so much. I am afraid to take one from the places that pick up the street cats since they are often a bit wild and I am not sure how healthy they will be. We are actually talking about looking into getting one now. First we are going to see how easy it would be to get it home… I couldn’t leave it behind. Many people here do that… get a pet and when they leave try to give it someone. If no one will take it they let it go! Poor things…

  16. What great shots… everything looks gigantic. 😉

    • Never thought of that…. Our shadows were long in the morning, the poles were tall… Maybe ten feet? And if the lizard was huge I wouldn’t have stopped for a photo but ran screaming! LoL

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  18. Very cool! Congrats to the round 1! I’ll give another vote. 🙂

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