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Hallowe’en is such a fun time of year and the planning of costumes, getting yummy treats and candies for free, being anything you want, if only for a night, brings joy to children and adults alike. Back home we would often go to a Hallowe’en party, even as adults. Working with kids and seeing their very cool costumes and imaginations come to life was just as exciting for me as it was for them. Even China is starting to get in on this fun holiday and the local shops have decorations and costumes for sale. Some compounds, where many expats live, host parties and trick or treating for the kids. Even the local Kerry Parkside Complex got in on the action holding adult dress up parties and events for the kids. A large haunted castle even sprung up a few weeks back. Did I mention I love Hallowe’en?

Haunted Castle at Kerry Parkside, Shanghai

The school where I work does not celebrate Hallowe’en so there will be no parties or dressing up. 😦 I miss it.

Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack has lifted my Hallowe’en spirits with her weekly challenge… SPOOKY.

I haven’t had the opportunity to take many photos of spooky things and to be honest I do NOT like scary movies or scary things, just the dressing up bit. I sifted the archives and I came up with a few pics. One is more gross than spooky, but I would not like to find this in my house. It is a giant slug like thing that we saw in Cuba this summer. It was crossing the path near the garden and pool. It was bigger than any slug I’ve seen before. Remembering this thing I would say it was as long as my middle finger and almost as wide as 2 fingers. YUCKY!

Scary Looking Slug


The next is a lightening shot. I loved watching lightening storms when we lived in Welland. Our apartment was near the old canal and the living room had floor to ceiling windows on 2 sides… great view for storm watching. Lightening isn’t spooky for everyone, but it always makes an appearance in scary movies… a typical symbol of spooky.

Lightening Storm Flash

Check out Ailsa’s page for more examples or to post your own.

Stay tuned… another photo challenge to come.

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16 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Spooky

  1. Great capture of the lightening bolt! I’ve tried to snap them but Im not fast enough, Do you have any tips?

    • If you have a camera with fast action setting that will catch it since it takes a photo every few seconds, or less. This pic was snapped with a simple digital point and shoot! What I found was to find the pattern and count between flashes of lightening or know how many seconds between thunder and then the lightening (again by counting). I then counted in my head and just before I got to the number I started to press the shutter button and was able to catch the lightening. Not fool proof, but I got a good number of shots. Works best when the storm is close and more predictible timing. When a storm is far off it doesn’t work as easily. Good Luck and thanks for the visit! πŸ™‚

      • I do have the option on my camera!! Thanks for reminding me, I will try it the next time we have a storm.

        • Good luck πŸ™‚ Make sure you post some pictures when you catch it!
          Hey I should have posted about meeting you in passing years ago and then again on line as spooky πŸ˜‰ LOL

  2. I love the lightening, we hardly ever get it here – maybe once a year so no chance of photographing it!

    • Really? Summers in the Niagara area we get a few good ones each summer. Even Shanghai gets it sometimes. This year we had a HUGE downpour with thunder and lightening. It was the loudest thunder I ever heard. We were at school and you could hear the kids all scream at once after the boom! My class looked at me like what was that? Priceless!

  3. Well done getting the lightning bolt!

  4. The slug reminds me of that movie about slugs invading Earth and lives in human which is scary and the lightning, never fails to create goose bumps. Cool post! Happy Halloween.

    • Yes they do give me shivers…. insects always do. Just Friday one of my students gave me a water bottle that I thought he wanted me to open inside was a HUGE prayingmantis. I screamed out… the class thought it was SO funny! I did too since it wasn’t what I expected. I try not to show fear of these things in front of children and teach them my fears… we all had a good giggle.
      Happy Halloween to you too.<:o)

  5. Freda Goulet

    I love the way the trees in the lightning picture add to the spookiness of the picture. The color adds spookiness too. I don’t like creepy things so the slug is definitely spooky to me!
    Hallowe’en here in Southern Ontario may be washed out by Hurricane Sandy this year…now that’s SPOOKY!

    • Oh that is too bad… I guess some die hards will still be out with raincoats over their costumes. Remember the Halloweens where we had to wear a wintercoat over our costumes?

  6. I am going to try your tips for lightening next time we have a storm. I love that shot of yours.

    • Thanks… sometimes it is just luck, but the counting thing works if you can get the pattern and the storm co-operates πŸ˜‰ Good luck.

  7. Did you get trick or treaters this year? My fifth Halloween and I got my first trick or treater this year. Great shots.

    • No trick or treaters… we live in an apartment, so they just came to the lobby area. I saw them when I came home that night. Most places do it on a weekend here so the kids don’t have a late night.

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