Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign #2

After posting for foreign (my hot-pot post) on the weekend for the wordpress weekly photo challenge I thought about something else that is foreign and a novelty. MONEY! I find it cool to look at different currencies. What else symbolises you are in a new or different world?; money of course.

Some currencies have great images, landmarks and interesting stories or legends. When I worked in Niagara Falls, Canada many Americans commented on our colourful money, and some referred to it as Monopoly Money. Well as I have learned almost every country has different colours for each denomination, not all green 😉 Some laugh at the funny names like the loonie… for the dollar coin. Hey there is good reason it is called that. It has a bird on the back, a LOON! And no it does not mean crazy. When the two dollar coin came out it only made sense to call it a twoonie, even though there is  polar bear on the back…. right?

How many currencies can you figure out in the picture?

Some countries make you feel rich… in China a 100 Yuan (or RMB) is equal to about $15 Canadian, but looks impressive. Vietnam had to be the best since a 10 000 note (Dong) equaled $10 (I think). Korea was the same with 1000 Wan about $1. Walk around with that load of cash… you can’t close your wallet and you are afraid to be mugged… until you remember its worth 😉

Currency, something unique and different as the cultures and counties you visit.

Happy Halloween and don’t forget to vote for the best blog… last chance today.

Stay tuned…


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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign #2

  1. Ah – miss the pretty purple 10’s! 🙂

  2. Freda Goulet

    The totally green US currency always confuses me. When I am there, I’m always putting them in order. They say they know which presidents are on which bills. Alas, I’m not too sure of all that! Happy Hallowe’en to you both.

    • I do that too. I totally miss the references in movies when they say something referring to one of the presidents and money… like a bribe “how about now with a Lincoln?” That is probably a bad reference… isn’t Lincoln on the 5? Hee hee.
      Last night when I came home there was a big crowd at the apartment entrance with kids in costume! Was too cute. Happy Halloween to you too.

  3. I got excited when I saw the Philippine currency. Just cool my friend!

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