Art Street: Shanghai

Shanghai seems to have a street or market for everything. At Science and Technology is the fake market where you can buy designer clothes, bags, watches that can fool even the best trained eye. There is also an electronics market that sells all brands of computers, phones and cameras plus more. I have even been to a glasses market that has 2 or more floors of vendors selling glasses… talk about overwhelming! It is worth going to though and for the price of 1 lens in Canada I got two pairs of glasses (frames AND lenses) all made in an hour! That was worth the trip across the city through a maze of streets and subway changes.

Art Street Shanghai

Art Street Shanghai

In September, a small group of us went to Art Street where copied or original art can be purchased. Some pieces are super cheap! The street was long and narrow and we arrived as most vendors were just setting up shop for the day. Funny how in most cities you avoid narrow alleys, but here we seek them out! Paintings were displayed outside of shops no larger than a guest bathroom and just as tight to move around. Piles of paintings 10-20 deep lined the walls in a variety of sizes and designs. Some were better than others, but looking to bring colour to your school apartment plain and boring  white walls it was worth a look. However, John and I didn’t go to buy, but for the experience.

One of the many fantastic painters on Art Street.

One of the many fantastic painters on Art Street.

We quickly saw all we could see and were at the end of the small alley. A sign in Chinese pointed up a narrow outdoor staircase, so we decided to have a look. Above the street was more shops with not only paintings, but fabulous furniture hand carved and in many designs. Upholstery was also offered here.

Who knew Mona Lisa was in Shanghai?

Who knew Mona Lisa was in Shanghai?

Back downstairs more vendors had arrived and started to paint. It was interesting to watch as they carefully copied a small  picture from a book onto canvas. The detail was incredible…. We watched each carefully laid stroke and colour to become a part of a work of art. Some vendors even copy photos! Amazing…

Often the workers bring their small children to work. Watching them play beside the beautiful elephant carvings was a great opprotunity for a qucik shot.

Often the workers bring their small children to work. Watching them play beside the beautiful elephant carvings was a great opportunity for a quick shot.

Just wandering the simple streets and watching the people made me realise why we are still here and love Shanghai. You never know what you are going to see… there is always something new to discover and the reward of finding it brings joy and builds many happy memories that we will forever cherish of our time when we once lived in China. Something I still have to remind myself…. a girl from a small 3 stop light town left the comforts of all things familiar and is living in the bright lights and big city of Shanghai! This is me… pinch me am I still dreaming?

Me trying to be artistic :)

Me trying to be artistic 🙂

Makes me think of meeting some of my old teachers and classmates at a reunion… they would be shocked to know the quiet shy girl they once knew  is living abroad. What do you think someone would find unbelievable about you?


Stay tuned… Immie has awarded me Blog of 2012 and I will post on that shortly…

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9 thoughts on “Art Street: Shanghai

  1. I don’t know if people would be surprised about my life of travel, but probably. What I love is that I still have that ‘pinch me’ feeling, every time I leave my front door 🙂

  2. Lilly

    We were in Shanghai last August and loved it,we`ll certainly be back and visit those places,thank you

    • Thanks for stopping by…
      Yes Shanghai is very intereting and you never know what you will see. What was your favourite thing here? With living here we haven’t done a lot of the touristy things. Weekends are filled with work mainly and holidays we tend to go further away. Still haven’t seen the great wall! Hoping to do that this April break.

  3. Leslie

    Thank you I love my “key hole” peeks at life in Shanghai

    • Thanks 😉
      You should come visit! This may be my last year here… last chance! April would be a good time since it is warmer and I want to see the Great Wall before we leave. We hope to do that on the April break.

  4. I love the photo of the child – both versions!

    • Thanks… I always feel like I am intruding when I take those shots, but I watched them playing for such a long time and just had to get a shot.
      For the first time I tried to play with the settings and I was happy with the coloured balloon one too. I’ll have to try stuff like that more often.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

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