CTB in Darkness?

Hi All,

Just a quick post in case I go into darkness…. as you know I live in China and due to internet blockages Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogs are not allowed here. I have purchase a program to allow me to get around this and still get onto my blog and post each week. This at times can slow the internet WAY down, but it allows me to blog and ‘see’ you all each week. Well things are changing in China with a new government and in general there has been a crack down on legal matters for whatever reason. I see more police presence this year and they are chasing off the street vendors selling their wares from flowers to food to illegal copies of items.

In the news there has been a battle between China and Google since 2010, the year we moved here. Occasionally Hotmail and Gmail are unavailable… why? Not sure and when we ask it is often explained as “this is China”. So the powers that be have done something??? It usually lasts a few hours, so no big deal… just an inconvenience. Well my magic program that allows me access to stupid cat and human videos on YouTube and blogging every week has been slowly found out and then blocked. Some no longer work as they have been shut down completely. The company I used has just posted a message today saying there are ways now for them to also get shut down and blocked, even though they are not hosted in China.

So what does this mean for me,Canadian Travel Bugs and you? Well if I am blocked my Word Press account will not be loaded, it will come up as an error message… a blank page, or denied access. I will no longer be able to post, view blogs or comment 😦 You will not see or hear from me… Fingers crossed this doesn’t happen. I will do my best to keep posting for long as I can, but if I suddenly go silent you will know it is not by choice. I have been able to get in today, so I am hoping that this won’t be a problem and I continue to keep on blogging. Geesh and I just got an award from Immie too!

Hopefully we can all stay tuned….

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24 thoughts on “CTB in Darkness?

  1. Things really need to change if China is going to compete! It is crazy!!!!!!

    • Well I thought that too, but I think they block these things because they want people to use their version of social media, but if I can’t read and write Chinese it isn’t very convienent! LOL

      • One to think on! 🙂

        • Who knows what it is all about. You never get a straight answer when the government is invloved. At home our provincal governent decided to shut down so they didn’t have to deal with issues and contract talks with the teachers! How crazy is that? In a time of need they just run and hide. That is a good message to send… NOT! Government is feeding public lies about the teacher’s demands and trying to take away their right to strike. They just passed a bill and didn’t give the public all the details… just that they need it. Guess I am glad to be here and not dealing with that right now.

  2. Freda Goulet

    Good to hear from you …for now! I hope you don’t get blocked as I love reading your blogs!

    • Thanks… I enjoy writing them and being creative. Seems OK so far. I can’t get any more info, so I am hoping things will be fine.

  3. Good on you and well done keep up the good deception,, 😉

  4. good luck; i hope you find creative ways around the blocks; this will remind me to be thankful for my slow service./ it might be brutally slow, but at least it’s there as long as we have power.


  5. Hoping for the best for you.

  6. Good luck, the blogosphere needs you!

    • Thanks for that. I hope it turns out to be nothing. I know they are cracking down on things, so it may only be matter of time. Fingers crossed it works out.

  7. I hate it when people give the lame excuse of “This is China” or “This is Italy!” Happens a lot to me here. Seems to me that China wants world domination! Eeek.

    • They are very guarded and like to control things, but it is funny because day to day you don’t see it. In some ways we have more freedoms here than home. As long as you are not causing a public disturbance you are left alone… so running a red light, drinking in public, buying fake… or I mean authetic goods on the street is no problem! I guess the This is China is the reason we hear/give when there doesn’t seem to be any other logical way to explain things…. and hey with out it I wouldn’t have so many things to write about!

  8. OOHH that’s a shame. I hope things improve and you can carry on sharing your little piece of Paradise.

    • Yes me too… new message was up last night, so it may be limited, but not totally blocked. I am not sure so we will have to wait and see I guess.

  9. Leslie

    (hug) You’ll just have to save your “blog” posts to a file and when you have access again you can have posts saved up for us.

    • Yes that is a good idea.
      Seems OK so far. It maybe just an ‘open mode’ now that isn’t working, so let’s just hope that is all it is and I can just keep on bloggin!

  10. That must be frustrated! 😕

    • Yes internet has been slow and tempermental today, so I am guessing it can be related to this new process of filtering. Blogging is what has kept me sane the last 3 years!

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