Travel Theme: Circles

Around and Around and Around We Go…. Where We Stop Nobody Knows…. Not sure what this is from, but it sprang to mind as I started to write 😉

At first I didn’t think I had anything with circles then thought about the lovely grapes from a winery close by where I used to live in Niagara. As I was looking for that photo I stumbled upon many other possibilities and I included them here…

What do you think? What is your favourite?

Thanks Ailsa for another great photo challenge. If you would like to participate or see more follow the link to join in the weekly fun.

I am still here! YEA! So stay tuned for more…


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14 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Circles

  1. I like the fishing boat! Great shots and how did you get them to line up in a row like that?

    • Thanks… I was adding pics to the gallery when I remembered the funny little round boats in Vietnam! I am glad I remembered just in time.
      I don’t know how they lined up perfectly in a row. I am confused by the new “add media” thing and haven’t had time to play with it. I just selected “add a gallery” and ordered the photos where I wanted them and that was it. WP did the rest.
      Thinking now WP said they have new gallery options. I should have used the new one for photos CIRCLES! 😉

  2. Very creative, I must try to find something – you have helped with the inspiration!

  3. I like the grapes, if I have to pick a fave but it was tough. I really do like them all.

  4. The door is definitely my favorite picture! But are they all door knobs?

    • Maybe they are door knobs to confuse unwanted guests ! LOL
      Now you have me thinking… I think the head is a knob of sorts… (it pulls the door open). The others look like they are very large ‘bolts’ or maybe just decoration. OK now I will have to find out!

  5. The red balloon is my favorite of this set 🙂

    • Thanks… I think that is my favourite too. It was fun watching this little boy play… and I snapped at just the right momemnt.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  6. Freda Goulet

    I like the Red Balloon best as well…the look of concentration on the child’s face is priceless. I wonder if he was thinking about a balloon ride?

    • He was playing with another child who kept trying to take it away from him… maybe he was planning his next move, or how to out smart this other guy!

  7. Hi All,
    I am not sure what happened, but the photos have gone all wonky on this post 😦 I will see if I can fix them when I get back to Shanghai.

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