Fresh Fallen Snow (New)

In my memories I remember snow… how much, so deep, a big part of winter. Snow in Shanghai is a mere skiff that stops and snarls traffic. I would chuckle, this isn’t snow. If you want to see snow then come to Canada in the winter. They can not fathom the amounts I describ and maybe think I am embellishing or over exaggerating. However, the excitement of the locals and children alike to stop and snap photos, or make a snowman in the street made me feel the childhood joy of snow, a newness and wonderment. Many in Shanghai enjoy the fun side of snow because it was unusual or new to them. I just missed it, that wasn’t real snow.

In the last 3 years I haven’t seen real snow. I have come home each Christmas, but real snow doesn’t arrive until January or February now. Last year really none to speak of except maybe 1 storm, but the temperatures quickly rose and the white stuff was gone as quick as it arrived. Maybe a sign of climate change? Gone are the days of a white Christmas with big fluffy flakes and trees laden with the wonderful white stuff. A white Christmas only seems to happen on a Hollywood movie set to make the ideal scene for Christmas. Have you noticed every sitcom that takes place around Christmas has snow? Even in cities that don’t usually get a lot of snow! Kind of distorts our reality about what makes a perfect Christmas. Most people are probably glad we don’t get  a lot of snow anyway since it slows down traffic and causes delays in travel and getting all the errands done before the big day.

This year was different. The forecasts called for snow and a storm at that. It came late Boxing day and dumped 10-40 cm depending on where you live. In Niagara we saw about 10-13cm of a fine dry snow. It was really windy so most of it just blew around. It was enough to cover everything and make it look Christmasy even though it came a day too late. The forecast called for more snow again and today (Dec 29) it has been snowing all day, about 12 hours and counting. Some of the nice fluffy flakes in a steady pace. A few hours after the driveway was cleared you had to do it again. Everything looks like a winter wonderland with the trees covered in a fluffy white blanket of snow.


I forgot what snow was like… I remembered the ‘how much’ and the beauty, but I forgot some things too. Like how cold it is when it is blown into your face. The heaviness when you try to shovel it. How slippery it can be. How often you must clean the car and driveway and then an hour later you may have to do it again! Putting on all the layers —with mitts, hats, coats, boots…thank goodness I only have to dress myself and not a class of 25! I think I have decided snow is best viewed in a movie, or from a nice warm spot inside with some hot chocolate. I do miss snow, but not all the work that goes with it.


I love the beauty of snow and how it makes things so still and quiet. As a kid we loved to go tobogganing in the park and having hot chocolate when we came back in. Funny enough my greatest memory of snow was after my first year in Shanghai and our school Christmas concert. We started a little late because people had trouble getting taxis and traffic was extra slow as drivers tried to navigate the foreign substance that made the streets slippery and slick. Once the concert was over and I went outside a laughter and joy filled the air as children and adults frolicked in the few centimeters of snow making small snowmen and having snowball fights. I felt like I was a part of a movie and thought about the feeling of fun and joy and how it filled the air and me with happiness; so surreal. It was magical…

What is your favourite thing about snow?

This can fit somewhat with Ailsa’s theme “New” . It is NEW snow, it makes things look NEW and to some people who have never seen snow a skiff of snow is NEW to them 😉 OK a bit of a stretch, but check out her site to see better examples of NEW.

Happy New Year and Stay tuned everyone…

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24 thoughts on “Fresh Fallen Snow (New)

  1. Belated Christmas greetings and best wishes for a fantastic 2013 🙂

  2. Happy New Year! I love snow too and I think it is beautiful and makes everything like white and new’ 🙂

  3. Freda Goulet

    I love snow too, as long as I am on the inside looking out! I always dread having to drive on the snow covered roads for the first time each winter! Enjoy your snowy time at home.

    • It is nice to see it after not being able to for so long. I didn’t think I would miss it! I didn’t miss all the work that comes along with it though.
      Happy New Year.

  4. Great photos, it is very beautiful but over here we have no clue how to deal with it and so it’s a dangerous nuisance. Happy 2013 🙂

    • Yes that is what happens in China too. Well Shanghai since they rarely get snow. Some teachers were telling me the year or two before we came they had a big snow fall and hosed down the streets to get rid of it! They didn’t realise that with the below zero temps water freezes and made things even worse! Someone thought it was a good idea at the time 😉
      All the best for 2013!

  5. iamfriendly

    You don’t have to go to Canada to experience REAL snow. Northern China would be as cold if not even colder and as much snow as most parts of Canada.

    • I know Northern China has a lot of snow, but where we live (Shanghai) it is rare. Same thing I could say in comparrison to the Northern US and Canada and some of the southern states. They just aren’t prepared for it and when it snows they don’t know how to react. Just a funny observation for someone who is used to snow when working and living in a community of expats that have different experiences of snow. For some the little skiff is exciting and all they have ever seen of snow. It is new to them and I just giggle when they comment on how much… and I think this isn’t snow! Not meant to be mean, but just something I observe.

      • Freda Goulet

        This reminds me of a rare snowfall in South Texas a few years ago. Everyone was so excited at seeing a few cms of snow that they stayed up all night, while the snow lasted, making snow people and throwing snowballs. It was the first time some had seen snow! We would have thought it a mere dusting!

        • Same thing in Shanghai! One little guy from Singapore was daydreaming out the window. When I asked him what he was doing he said it is December 1st so I am waiting for snow. He was right and it snowed twice that year.

  6. The beauty of snow. Yes!
    But the layers of clothing, how much of a hassle is that?
    My favorite thing about snow? Watching as it falls, blanketing everything in its path. Clean, bright, beautiful. Then after the shoveling, the disrobing and getting into cozy warm puffy sweats and wrapping both hands around that hot cup of cocoa.
    The sad part, how sooty it all gets these days, so quickly. I just don’t remember that from when I was a kid, long, long ago. 😦
    Let’s dwell on the freshness. 🙂
    Have a bright and beautiful new year.

    • Ahhh I’ll drink some warm coco to that 🙂
      I too like the white puffy newness, but the dressing and cold I can do with out! I am glad I work with older kids and less snow in Shanghai. Dressing 15-20 little ones in full gear is a chore! Especailly with 2 year olds; by the time the last one is dressed the first one is partly undressed!

  7. Leslie

    People complain about the snow… most also complain about the sun and the rain and … It’s weather people complain about something you can DO something about. LOL I guess that’s not the “new” part of your post. (btw…love the ‘snow effect’ on your blog today). I love the magic of snow. Don’t know what that is…. watch children playing in it. I am sooo lucky to live in a country where I can experience different weather and people and places. ❤

    • I found the snow effect annoying on other blogs, but thought it was appropriate for this post, so I put it on… all done as of Jan 4th so enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂
      I agree there is something magical about snow… the peacefullness it brings, the joy and fun.

  8. I remember my first Christmas in Holland. At an ungodly hour our phone went…it was my mother-in-law telling me to get out of bed and open the curtains. Snow was falling on Christmas morning…and i was in bliss

  9. Great pictures and I’m glad you got to see snow this year! Happy New Year!

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  11. Both photos are very beautiful. The second one is my favorite. Maybe the sunrise at background gives “reddish” color to clouds and it makes this photo to my favorite.

    • Thanks… it was all with the zoom. When I zoomed in the red colour really showed up, but not sure why. It is a newer camera and still learning all the tricks 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

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