Penny for Your Thoughts

Penny, Canadian 1858-2013

Yesterday after a long battle the Canadian penny was laid to rest. The Canadian penny is predeceased by the Australian (1911-1964), New Zealand (1940-1989) and Irish (1928-2000) pennies. The American penny (1793- ) and the British penny live on. The Canadian penny was dressed with Queen Elizabeth on her head’s side and Canadian Maple Leaf or Leaves on her tail. Penny was older than Canada the country herself (1867). The shiny copper colour, sometimes faded and tarnished, will be missed in pockets, under sofa cushions and in the ‘take a penny, leave a penny’ dishes across the country.

Even Google got into the action with a doodle for the day.

Even Google got into the action with a doodle for the day.

After debate and many thoughts the Canadian Government decided to lay the penny to rest since it was smarter to stop making it with the cost of making a penny being more that it was worth (1.6 cents if you are wondering). The last penny was minted last year and they will now slowly be phased out of circulation. Vendors can now decide to accept them or not after Monday February 4th, 2013. Cash registers will be programmed to round up or down to the closest 5 (or 10) cents. The recommendation is 1-2 cents round down, but who are we kidding? Do you think shops will actually round down? Well according to the news last night a few stores had.

Yesterday I went to 2 places and each time had to use pennies. (I arrived in Canada early Sunday evening from Shanghai). They were gladly accepted and my order was not rounded up nor down to the nearest 5 cents. The news reported last night not all cash registers have been programmed to do so just yet, so it may be a slow process. Charites are cashing in and collecting all the pennies they can according to many news reports. In addition, the news last summer reported many people were  holding onto a precious few. The now discontinued penny has become a memento and something to show the children and grandchildren to marvel over in years to come.

The Penny rotated showing both sides. Funnily enough it is a 2013 penny, which is non-existant and will never be minted.

The Penny rotated showing both sides. Funnily enough it is a 2013 penny, which is non-existant and will never be minted.

As we grow old we may find it harder to give up on all things familiar as technology and advancements force us to make changes we may not like or be ready to accept. Now as many Canadians ask  ‘where were you?’ or ‘what were you doing when the penny died?’ we need to come up with a new phrase since a ‘penny for your thoughts’ no longer will have meaning. Any ideas? Pennies are were great for making wishes, what will we use now? What about finding pennies for good luck? I guess they will be an even luckier find now.   Now that the penny is gone sights are set on removing the nickel. The penny’s production will save an estimated 11 million dollars a year according the article. Nothing in the article or news reports has  stated what the spending will be used on instead. Hopefully Penny’s passing will be used for good and bring life to a much required area of need.

Collection of pennies from my purse

Collection of pennies from my purse

Penny for your thoughts…?

Stay tuned…

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12 thoughts on “Penny for Your Thoughts

  1. Leslie

    Just because it makes “cents” doesn’t mean I like it. I’ll miss my pennies.

  2. Freda Goulet

    I suppose we will have to look harder for “four leaf clovers” for good luck! It will be more expensive if we have to play Rumoli with nickels.

  3. I emptied my penny pot the other day – that’s all I do with them put them in a pot and occasionally count them up and change them at the bank!

    • Mixed feelings about the penny here too. Many find them a nuisance. It is funny how some reacted. I played on the theme that it passed away. Thought that was a funnier take on it.

  4. If tooth fairy is … to $5, penny has to go. 🙂 11 million dollars a year saving!!

    • I know it sounds like a lot to save, but could it be a random number to justify things? And $5 for the tooth fairy is crazy, but I work with kids who have parents who hold top positions, so maybe that is not the norm 😉

  5. I admire you for valuing cents and pennies. A lot of people nowadays take it for granted. Just observe how many would bother to pick a lucky penny which reminds me to create a piggy banck of cents/pennies I found through the years. Great post.

  6. Went to 4 different stores yesterday, and every time the store either made one or two cents off me, seven cents I lost, over a year that could add up. I have not noticed this so I watched again today. So far the price has not came up that I came to the good.

    • I was just home for few weeks since the loss of the penny and yes most times things rounded up. I was really surprised when a shop rounded down! Rare, but can happen.
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂

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