Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

Home is what defines us as people. How we furnish it, pictures and knick knacks from adventures, childhood and other milestones give a glimpse into who we are and what we hold as important. As an expat I don’t have a home, but a place to live. I won’t stay there forever, so my home is defined as my country. When meeting people one of the first questions asked is “where are you from?” I define myself as Canadian. People automatically make assumptions about what kind of person you are based on your passport.

Snow Storm Feb 8, 2013

Snow Storm Feb 8, 2013

Cultural references need to be explained to others and often the reference or meaning is lost in translation. One of the big things I find myself explaining is snow. Many people assume it is very cold and snowy in Canada all the time. They seem surprised when you mention summer. I fall into the trap when we get the few snow flurries or skiff of snow that barely covers the ground in Shanghai. I can be heard saying “This isn’t snow… you have to see a Canadian winter to experience real snow.” I should tell them the few flurries in Shanghai are the equivalent to a snow in summer in Canada and really mess with them 😉

 This week’s photo challenge is home. I happened to be home here in Canada to experience a ‘real snow’. This was the worst storm since 2008. In St. Catharines we had 44cm of the white stuff. To put it in perspective Toronto has had 33cm of snow thus far this winter, not including the February 8th snowfall of course. St Catharines had the highest amount where most places 20-30cm fell.  Snow is what home has been defined as since I have lived abroad for close to 3 years now. I am sure many of my coworkers and students will be in awe of my trip home and having the experience of all this snow.

Snowy Street

Snowy Street

Snow Blowing the Driveway

Snow Blowing the Driveway

Well over 33 cm of snow!

Well over 33 cm of snow!

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What does home mean to you?

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. Love the cover photo. Wow.. I will not complain of the snow and cold again.

  2. goodness that is a lot of snow…great images of it all

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  4. Beautiful photos, and that is as close as I want to get!

    • I enjoyed it from inside. I did venture out for a few photos, but it was windy and the cold snow in the face isn’t so great 🙂 poor hubby snow blowed 3 times in one day.
      Thanks for the visit as always.

  5. Freda Goulet

    I like snow as long as I am warm and comfortable inside looking out! It can be beautiful as well as treacherous when one has to drive in a snow storm.

    • I too enjoyed it mostly from inside. It was tricky for drivers who decided to venture out. I think most took advantage of the long weekend.

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  7. Beautiful photos! What nice timing for this storm to come along while you were home, I hope those you know in China enjoy your photos once you get back! This certainly was a historic snow- more than my state has gotten in decades; my town got 36 inches.

  8. I spent most of January in Revelstoke B.C., and realized that ‘winter’ means something entirely different up there! Though South Dakota had prepared me for bitter winds and biting cold, snow was not a weather element I enjoyed until I experienced the wonderland of B.C…

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