Snow Shanghai Style

This week it snowed in Shanghai! Snow is a rare occurrence with our location about comparable to the latitude of Texas in the United States. Winters are usually mild, but feel colder due to the high humidity which translates into dampness that chills you to the bone! The first year I was here we had 2 small snowfalls one in December and the other January. Last year during Chinese New Year it was a biting cold with snow flurries, but nothing on the ground. This winter was cold and came a bit earlier than usual. I expected snow, but I never saw any. In early January just before we all returned to work there was snow, but I can’t speak of amounts since I missed it. The day we returned to work it did snow, and a few flurries filled the air and mere skiff covered the ground. It was short lived though.

Have you ever seen snow on a palm tree before?

Have you ever seen snow on a palm tree before?

While I was away on Chinese New Year holiday this year  it snowed again. Most of us were long gone to other holiday destinations, but a few teachers who stayed behind said it was a good amount for Shanghai and it left 2 maybe 3 cm of the white stuff on the ground. This week it snowed with another 2-4 cm of slushy white snow covering the ground. Reports were saying snow was in the forecast, but because it is so rare it is one of those “seeing is believing” things. I awoke very early Tuesday morning thanks to jet lag and peeked out the window. Everything was wet and it appeared it had rained. In the distance the highway, which is usually visible on clear days, was blurry. I thought there was something on the window or my glasses. When I moved I knew it wasn’t me, but something outside. It must be snow! Sure enough it started to move towards me and the usual landmarks slowly became blotted out. In the street lamps I could see the heavy wet stuff coming down hard. My first thought… snow day???

The slightest snow often causes delays and school or bus cancellations, but no phone calls. School was still on. I kept

Wet Slushy Snow Covering the Flowers

Wet Slushy Snow Covering the Flowers

watching as the snow started to cover cars and trees. Deciding not to take my electric scooter I went to catch our staff bus. It was a slushy, slippery mess outside. The flakes were big and fluffy though and it looked beautiful falling down, like feathers in the sky. I snapped a few shots, but my memory card beeped at me to announce it was full. Oh no of all days! The children were super excited about the snow, but we had indoor recess due to how wet it was. No one here comes dressed for snow, so no boots never mind  a snow suit in sight, so we had to enjoy the snow through the windows. By 10 AM the snow had stopped and by noon it was only a memory as most of it was all melted. The children were excited if they found a small pile of slush clinging to existence a little longer than the rest.

What was the weather like where you were this week?

Stay tuned for more 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Snow Shanghai Style

  1. Freda Goulet

    Hi Diana, I have Shanghai and Seadrift, Tx on my weather page so I see your temperature each day. I just wondered last week if your latitude location was close to Ronda’s since your temps are very similiar…now I see that it is ! Snow is very rare where Ronda lives, but it does happen, very rarely. No scarcity of snow here…more today when I woke…BRR!

    • I hear back home we are in for another couple good snow falls. I certainly prefer the cold and snow over the wet and damp! At least last fall they fixed our heater/AC and now it gets warm enough in here. It is brutal when it is cold and damp inside too! But then I shouldn’t complain. I read another blog (Happiest Baby in the World) and they are Expats in more inner China. They went to visit a local family and they do NOT have heat at all inside their homes. I think it is because they cannot afford it. The comforts we take for granted…

  2. We rarely get snow in this part of the TX. It did once, five years ago. This week is about 70s.

    • Funny this weekend you would never know it snowed since it warmed up and we had beautiful clear blue skies yesterday. It was about 11c (sorry not sure what that is in f).

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