Travel Theme: Bridges

Shanghai is divided by the HuangPu River, so there are bridges and tunnels to get from the older section of the city Puxi (Poo-she) to the newer section PuDong (Poo-Dong). As with most building in Shanghai it does not just serve a purpose, but can also dazzle the senses. Here are a few that I have snapped over the last few years.

LuPu Bridge

Near the ‘old’ 2010 Expo site. An arch construction that lights up in different colours one at a time then in rainbow each night ๐Ÿ™‚

Lupu Bridge

LuPu Bridge

NanPu Bridge

A cable construction bridge thatย  is part of the Inner Ring Road. The first picture of the bridge is at the top of the Inner Ring Road and the second from the bottom. Look closely and see the spiral ‘ring’ road and all the cars ๐Ÿ™‚ Both pictures are taken from inside a bus.

Nanpu - Top of Inner Ring Road

NanPu – Top of Inner Ring Road

Nanpu Bridge - Bottom of Inner Ring Road

NanPu Bridge – Bottom of Inner Ring Road

YangPu Bridge

Not far from where we live here in PuDong this is the sister bridge to NanPu. They are similar in design and it happens to also be the longest bridge at 8354 m according to Google.

YangPu Bridge

YangPu Bridge


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6 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Bridges

  1. Freda Goulet

    These bridges are much more interesting than any I have seen…the YangPu Bridge looks like a piece of modern art.

    • They all are pretty fancy. NanPu and YangPu are the same design, just taken from different views since NaPu is also on the Ring Road —which is also really cool.
      Thanks for the visit ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Beautiful bridges. Love the last shot!

  3. Love the shots of the ‘Pu’ bridges.

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