Waiting for Spring

This past week in Shanghai we had a taste of Spring. The winter season is shorter here and milder temperatures can come as early as mid-February. I enjoy the promise of spring, the longer days and warm sunshine.

Here are some dried flowers that I found in a garden when I was home in Canada this past December. It held on and is waiting forΒ  the return of spring.


The orginal shot

The original shot

I played with a photography program and tried different effects with the same shot. Which is your favourite?

Stay tuned …

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14 thoughts on “Waiting for Spring

  1. Freda Goulet

    Hi Diana, i prefer the bottom right photo. I like the greater contrast of light and dark in this photo….the darkness of winter giving way to the lightness of spring. I hope you have an early spring…not sure that we shall.

    • Everytime I turn on the computer I have seen it show it is snowing at home. I guess you are making up for winter and all the mild and snowless winters we had the last few years.
      Last week we reached 16c one day. Weekend was cold again with 4-6c. Predicting 16-20c during the week though.
      That photo is cool… witht the light and dark. The technique name was lomo-ish. Not sure what that means, but I liked the effect.

  2. I also like the bottom right best.

  3. I think I like pencil outline – fun isn’t it? you never quite know what you’ll get.

    • That was the first one I tried and I wasn’t sure I liked it at first, but when I looked at the detail and played with the black and white, making it softer, it made the cut πŸ™‚

  4. As you know Spring arrives really late in Minnesota! We are getting a big snowstorm this week!

    • Yes at home too. April is usually when we can count on warmer days and no snow! March is crazy and can be warm or blizzardy. This year home has seen more snow than they have in a long time. It has also been more constant. The last few years seems to snow then melt and snow then melt. I think this year it has stayed more.
      Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, can seem silly in January, but in February the temperatures do warm up and winds shift from the cold north to the south. We are certainly on the warming trend here in Shanghai. In cold damp Shanghai I am ready for warmer sunny days.

  5. Leslie

    As someone who spends a fair bit of time outside.. I can tell you that we have had a lot of snow then melt this year. The mushy ice field is evidence of it. =(
    Maybe a bit farther north of us is different?

    • I know we (or you now πŸ˜‰ ) have been spoiled with less snow the last few years. This year is probably more normal, but doesn’t seem that way with 5 or more years with hardly any of the white stuff.

  6. Leslie

    As for your photo..at first I liked the bottom right best but I think the almost hazy feel of the bottom left says ‘dreaming’ of spring.

    • I like that one too since it is black and white with just a small bit of colour in the upper centre… that one warm spot where you think spring!
      Just to rub it in a little more… yesterday was 16… today same. Tomrrow 20 and Friday 25c!!!
      If it is any consolation it was bad pollution yesterday and we had to stay in all day 😦 What a waste.

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