Travel Theme: LIGHT

I happened upon this geometric design or sign at the Shanghai train station while waiting for our train to Beijing. The design was all lit up and reflected off the shiny floor. I couldn’t resist snapping a pic. Good thing since it is perfect for this week’s challenge.



Another photo from our recent trip. This was taken at a Starbucks at a shopping market in Beijing. The interesting lights are similar to the lanterns you see at Chinese New Year.



Head on over to Where’s My Backpack to join in the fun and post your own, or to see more examples and interpretations of the theme light.

Stay tuned….

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14 thoughts on “Travel Theme: LIGHT

  1. can always trust the Chinese to give a good light show.

  2. Freda Goulet

    You certainly have an eye for unusual photos…most of us would miss these!!

    • Thanks… I learned that seeing is believing so I try to take pictures of things we would never see at home or believe to be true.

  3. I love the reflections, isn’t it great when a shot like that happens?

    • Yes and even better that I could get the shot without a bunch of people in the way. Only moments later I would have missed it… since a crowd seemed to magically appear!

  4. There are reflections of light everywhere in that first shot. Yes, perfect. πŸ™‚


    We don’t have Starbucks like that here!

    • I know I never saw one like that here before (or at home). It was pretty fancy and for the fake market I was surprised!


        This post came on a very coincidental day for me!! I turned down a date as he wanted to meet at a Starbucks..Then I felt shallow..If I had seen THIS ONE…………

  6. The reflections in the first image are awesome!

    • Thanks… it was hard to fit them all in the shot, but the colours were so great I had to try!
      Thanks for the comment and visit too πŸ™‚

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