Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Escape… in a busy hectic job and with demanding schedule and chattering children all day how do I escape and turn off?

By reading a good book. Being transported into someone else’s words and world helps me forget about the daily stresses and escape for a short time. Currently I am reading Anne of Green Gables, a Canadian classic on my iPad.


Coffee… lazy weekend mornings on our balcony with a view of an amazing city is a good way to escape, relax, chat and dream about our future endeavors. Plans are made, shared and dreams are born over good coffee and conversation. Other times just the quiet of the city as it is coming awake, the sun rising and the cool breezes in the trees regenerate the soul and get me ready for a busy day ahead.


My favourite escape is the beach. The sound of the waves, warm breezes and in my sight the endless vision of turquoise blue is what I day-dream about on cold damp days and in hectic times. Knowing there is no schedule, place to be or endless paper work to catch up on allows me to truly relax and just be. The beach always is my ideal place to escape.

How do you like to escape? Share your ideas in the comment section below, or post your own! See Word Press for more examples, ideas and details.

Stay tuned… and don’t forget to be a “tourist in your own town”. Link back to my post or see it here.

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15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

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  2. Johnny

    Escaping to cool places with my beautiful wife is my favourite pasttime!

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  4. Freda Goulet

    Diana, I’m like you…my number one way to escape is by reading a good book. A close second is going for a walk by myself.

  5. My back deck on a warm summer morning, accompanied by a good book, my pooch and an excellent cuppa jake is my getaway. WOE unto anyone who disturbs my 15 minute Saturday morning reverie!

  6. I love your ideas of escape!!!!!

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