Signs: Weekly Photo Challenge

Signs point us in the right direction. When a road sign doesn’t point us where to go in life we look for signs all around us to help us make big decisions and choices. Word press has set the theme SIGNS this week and I have posted on funny signs around my neighbourhood last year. If you want to see them click here.

For signDSC03768s on this week’s post I have a few photos of the real estate signs. A group of people will stand at intersections and bridges with signs advertising apartments and houses for rent. If you walk past, or stop in the car they will come over and give you flyers and print outs of information. They are out rain or shine…


They are on phones and chatting to each other, but quickly come to attention soon as someone passes by. They generally leave us alone since they figure we have limited Chinese. It is so different from real estate back home.




Real Estate offices rarely have people inside them as they all congregate outside trying to catch the passing foot traffic. In these shots you can see a few other road signs in the background too.


Speaking of road signs I thought I should capture a few typical road signs. Stop signs are the same colour and shape… but can you spot the difference? 😉


Another typical sign is an emergency 911 style sign, but I have only seen them around schools. 110 is the emergency number here. Luckily it is also in English I would miss the meaning altogether.


What kinds of signs are in your neighbourhood? Tell us about them in the comment box below, or head over to Word Press to find out how to post your own examples!


Check our my post on the cost of Shanghai (just hit older post at the bottom of this one) that I did earlier this week… and stay tuned for more next week as I get back to report cards.

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17 thoughts on “Signs: Weekly Photo Challenge

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  3. WOW! Impressive to see signs I cannot read. Beautiful to a foreigner like me!

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  5. Johnny

    Maybe It’s A Sign! For things to come.

  6. Johnny


  7. Great signs and the real estate process there sounds interesting!

    • I never had to go through it, but to find an agent on the street… or maybe this is the agents employees to bring in customers. Not sure, but I guess with all the competetion you gotta do what you gotta do 😉

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  10. Fab signs, I love the stop sign!

    • It is quite funny… stop in Mandarin is TING ! Sounds so cute and not aggressive at all. The staff bus was leaving and 1 guy missed it, so a bunch of us are yelling “ting, ting, ting” to the driver…

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