World Through My Eyes: Weekly Photo Challenge

My whole blog is about the world and how I (we) see things as we live away from home. Here in Shanghai, China and as we tour around Asia I (we) show you what we see. I bring my thoughts, ideas, observations and pictures to a different way of life. All this is through my (our) eyes and how we interpret what we see. I try to see the good and humour in things and this blog has helped me not only stay in touch with home and give them updates, but keep me sane! Life here away from all that is familiar can sometimes be tough as we fight through language and cultural barriers or different rules and regulations. We must keep an open mind and remember we are only visitors here; our way is not necessarily the right way. Life here has brought to us many challenges and adventures.

As I learn and grow as a photographer I look for interesting shots and things to capture forever, frozen in time. These are the things I want to share with you all and remember as unique and special about our time here. This photo shows so many things as I saw them through my own eyes….


It was taken yesterday around Yu Yuan Gardens which has numerous shops, stalls and markets to buy everything from fake bags and watches to pearl and jade jewelery, or souvenirs of many kinds. This photo not only shows the traffic, people and shops, but also the old and new buildings. In the back ground you can see the newest addition to the skyline (soon to be Shanghai Tower), which will be the tallest building once complete. The skyline is not clear and you may strain to see the buildings, which is due to the higher level of pollution that has plagued the city the last few months. This past winter was the worst on record (since we arrived) and we had some extreme days. Things improved for a short time, but the last weeks have been bad again. We have had a few indoor recess times with the higher levels of pollution. When levels are over 200 we stay inside.

All these things I see through my eyes on a daily basis…. or strain to see on ‘red level days’. ๐Ÿ˜‰ because the skyline is blurred and fuzzy with pollution. The old and new always amaze and interestย  me. The city that has grown and developed, so fast it has widened the gap between cultures and those with designer flash and those that want to (or have to) hold onto old world charms coexist in one big city.

How do you see the world? Comment below or if you have a WP account post your own here.

What do you see through my eyes photo?

Stay tuned…

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25 thoughts on “World Through My Eyes: Weekly Photo Challenge

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  2. Freda Goulet

    Your sentence””We must keep an open mind and remember that we are only visitors here” explains why you have adapted so well to living in China. You have the right attitude for living in a different culture. We are a global community and we must respect and honor our differences as well as the ways we are the same.

    • I have travelled with too many people who complain about how things are different and how they can do things at home. Well why travel then? That is part of the experience to see and learn new ways to do things.

      • Freda Goulet

        You are so right…I’ve heard people complain too. I think the complainers would complain where ever they happen to be!!

        • Yup… I remember my one tour I did in Europe and these girls kept complaining no one spoke English to them! I explained we were in countries where they didn’t speak English, but they still thought they should since it was an Englsih tour! Crazy!

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  4. Johnny

    Cool Pics Diana, It must really cool there!

    From Johnny

  5. Well said! I think too many people/travelers put their expectations before they are there, when they see things that are different from their expectations, they have to deal with their own disappointment. That can be frustrated…

  6. Being there so long must be an amazing experience.

    • It certainly gives you a chance to see more than a tour, or short vacation. You have the chance to see more and really get to know a place and its people.

  7. I see these similar to other big cities, but the idea of being forced to stay indoors frightens me. I can only imagine how hard it is to live as a stranger in a strange land. Maybe not so much strange but so vastly different. You will have tons of photos to remind you of your adventure. Be well and keep clicking.
    P.S. too congested for me. I get crazy I crowded places. Still. Beautiful.

    • I too am not a fan of the crowds and as a short person (about 5 feet tall) I always get bumped and pushed around. It is the worst since I cannot always see when crowded. I think I am getting used to it and the jostling around no longer phases me. Where we live it is a newer area, so less crowded. Coming here with an open mind everything was exciting, new and just became an adventure of a life time!
      The pollution really bothers me and I have had a sinus cold/infection for a few weeks despite medicine, antibiotics and rest. I think it is related to the air. It starts to clear up and then I spend some time outside and it is back. The culture here is to always be outside walking, gathering in groups and then there is the nightly dancing. Shame since the air may change all that. There are new rules to come and hopefully fix it, but may take awhile to enforce and get in place.

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  12. Thanks for sharing your side of the world. Always an adventure my friend that keeps me wishing one day I will see this places too.

    • Well I hope my photos allow you to travel there with me through the computer ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hopefully one day you can see it for real.

  13. Thank you for letting me see this part of the world, China,, through your eyes. I won’t be seeing it through my own! But you give wonderful glimpses, and your commentary is interesting. Not to mention, being open-minded to an exemplary degree.

    • Thanks very much. I try very hard to keep an open mind and focus on the good. China is a place I never thought I would visit, but when this opportunity came up I was pleasantly surprised… Glad you enjoy seeing it along with me. I am happy to share my adventures.

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