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As food is  a way to our hearts I think music is a way to our wallets. Way back in the 80’s we had Live Aid and it spawned a whole new generation of people who care. After all it is a win win situation since everyone can get something they want.

Friday July 5th we went to the Kid Rock Concert and volunteered to help the Shriner’s charity. Kid Rock had offered the Shriner’s the opportunity to share in the proceeds from selling his CD at a reduced price. Part of the proceeds were going to Kid Rock’s own charity and the rest to the Shriners. You may think about the Shriner’s circus, the clowns, the mini cars in parades. Maybe you have heard about the hospitals which, is the biggest reason for a lot of these events to raise money for the hospitals which help kids all over North America.

Opening act... Uncle Kracker

Opening act… Uncle Kracker

The reason for the concert was not just charity, but Kid Rock’s “Best Night Ever”. All tickets were/are $20 and reduced prices are also on food, beer, concert shirts and even parking in some cities across North America. According to an interview I saw with Kid Rock on the Ellen DeGeneres Show he wanted to do something to help people get out and have a good time despite the poor economy. Concert tickets can be a small fortune and this allowed people to get out have fun all at an affordable price. What a great idea… someone being selfless and thinking about others.

Last minute John got an email to ask for volunteers, so we jumped in the car and headed out. A small group of Shriner’s from Niagara area drove the short way to Darien Lake where the show would be held. Groups from all over Southern Ontario and Western New York gathered in the parking lot and waited further instruction. Soon Sharon (I think her name was) came to meet us and give us details. We headed back stage to where all the tour buses were parked and we were give a box of 30 CDs to sell. The show wasn’t to start for a few hours so we wandered the venue looking for early birds to sell the music.

Kool and the Gang

Kool and the Gang

About 7 PM Uncle Kracker came on stage and rocked the crowd. It started to rain and more people trickled in and tried to get under the large canopy for cover. A light rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the crowd. As soon as the rain started it stopped. It rained lightly one more time before the night was done, and despite the wet and some mud on the open seats people continued to enjoy themselves. Next was Kool and the Gang, with one of the original members. The crowd started to fill in and get more into it. People were dancing, singing and having a great time. Soon  an announcement was made and we sold another box of CDs in 20-25 minutes where the first took 2 hours. We continued to go through the crowds and we were allowed access to all areas. What a great way to get to see the bands. I snapped photos when I could in between sales.

Once Kid Rock came on the crowd was at capacity and our job was done. 4 boxes sold! We had to turn everything in and pack it in for the night. I would have liked to see a bit more of the concert, but the crowd was so large our driver was afraid we would be trapped for ages, so it best to leave while everyone was watching the headlining act.

Double Take of Kid Rock

Double Take of Kid Rock

People were generous and friendly. Thanks to everyone who bought a CD and helped. It was a fun night for us too getting to hear some great music, see a bit of a show and give our time to a good cause.

What have you done spontaneously that turned out to be great fun?

Stay tuned….

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7 thoughts on “Concerts & Charity

  1. Lately not a lot…but I plan to change that soon

    • My husband is the king of last minute. I am a big planner, but sometimes it is fun to dive in and just do it! This turned out to be a great night and hey we got to see some great bands too 🙂

  2. Well, I recently started a new job and for the first time ever =( I’ve had to miss some of my son’s baseball games. I missed his first home run of the season. My daughter had sent me a text telling me about it when I was on my break. After work (10 pm) I was feeling bad for missing his moment. So I called my kids told them to get dressed, I’d be there in a couple minutes. I took them out to get our traditional home run celebration ice cream. I hope that when my son looks back he remembers the silliness of going out for ice cream late at night vs Mom not being at his game.

    • I think the celebration, time together and that you took the time to recognise his accomplishment despite your busy schedule will mean more 🙂

  3. I’m with Jo. Nothing lately, but that’s one heck of a double take on the Kid!

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