Masterpiece: Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s theme from Word Press is Masterpiece. After reading a blog about Rome I thought about this symbol from ancient Rome right near the Colosseum.

Arch of Constantine, Rome

Arch of Constantine, Rome

The Colosseum itself is also a masterpiece that has stood the test of time 🙂 I decided to use the Arch of Constantine instead, which is right beside the Colosseum. It was started about 312 AD and dedicated in 315 AD. Triumphal arches were popular in ancient Rome and many can be seen around the Forum in Rome which celebrated triumphs of the current Roman Emperor. Every emperor aimed to have one in a prime location and to show their importance and accomplishments to the people. This one in particular is interesting since it has sculpture and reliefs from numerous other monuments from the Emperors Trajan, Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius. If you look carefully you can see the different styles and techniques that developed over time. This took the best of the best from other masterpieces and put it all in one along side of current depictions of Constantine.

It is thought due to lack of time art work was moved from other places and added here. The pieces were chosen carefully. Iconography was important to symbolise different things to the people of the time. The emperors used were part of a “golden age” and were popular with the people and did good things. Using these as a part of Constantine’s arch was not only to show his importance, but putting him in line with other popular and great emperors before him.

Be sure to check out more examples here.

What masterpiece have you seen?

As always stay tuned…

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8 thoughts on “Masterpiece: Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. I agree that the Arch is more original…everyone shoots the coloseum! I’ll be dropping you a post tomorrow…been a big busy…first question: is there any place you haven’t been?

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  3. Weren’t they amazing people?

    • Yes… I love Europe and I took a course on Ancient art & architecture and I learned so much… I love it more! I am so glad my first choice elective was full and I ended up taking this one.

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