Doors and Passages: Pixelventures Photo Challenge

In 2008 I took a photo of an old wooden door with brass details in a church in Cuba and ever since I have been drawn to interesting doors. The more they are weathered, with faded peeling paint the more interesting. I participated in a similar photo challenge earlier this year (see Knobs and Knockers), so instead of reposting those photos click on the link to check them out.

Here are my latest additions as we head into another great photo challenge: Doors and Passages set by Pixelventures Photo Challenge through Bastet and We Drink Because we are Poets.


We have been back in Shanghai a week now and back at school for 5 days. I have been working late each night to unpack and set up my classroom, but the other night I was kidnapped asked to go to a book fair in Puxi. It was being held in an old building at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. I love to read and I have quite the collection of books, but it was the building that captured my attention. The books were mostly in Chinese so I passed my time by looking at all the beautiful details on the ceilings and pillars. I would have guessed it was a few hundred years old, but it was newer than that. It was completed in 1955 to show friendship between China and Russia.


The doors were floor to ceiling and full of iron work, colours and design. The passages from some rooms to other were spectacular with coloured ceilings with inlays and fancy lightening designs. I am so glad I always carry a camera in my purse or I would have missed this fantastic masterpiece.


Don’t forget you can always participate in these challenges. Follow the link above to find out how, or to see more examples.

Stay tuned….

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14 thoughts on “Doors and Passages: Pixelventures Photo Challenge

  1. Beartuiful…thanks for the participation!

  2. Freda Goulet

    Amazing architecture.

    • It was very European and the detail on the pillars and ceiling along with minty pastel colours… it was quite beautiful. I am glad I got to go since I probably won’t have a chance to go again since I don’t know about these events that are held here, or they are usually held weekdays or Chinese events. They host a fewer things here since the new site by my school is MUCH larger and more modern. Shame since this building is so lovely.

  3. Don’t you just love it when you stumble across somewhere like that?

    • Yes I never had the opprotunity to go before and when we got to the central part of the buiding with those painted ceilings, cool lamps and other details I was like WOW. It was a lovely surprise. So glad I was kidnapped for the afternoon 🙂

  4. Amazing! Wonderful captures of this grand building.

  5. I love the colours!!

  6. It’s also back to school here in the U.S. can’t believe Summer is over. Wonderful door pictures. Have a great day.

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