Light on My Feet

I have enjoyed pampering myself with a pedicure on occasion. It is much more common now than it was 10 years ago and IMG_0474prices have come down. In Shanghai I can afford to do it more regularly and it is a little cheaper than home. The place I go is relaxing, but fast. The colours of the rainbow tempt you and I enjoy deciding on colours. My colour of choice is usually a bright pink or shade of purple, but I have gone for blue and turquoise on occasion.

I never thought about taking photos of these little works of art until recently. Such a shame since they are unique and so much fun.

As pedicures have become more common designs have started to emerge and get more detailed and fun. I have had simple squiggles and lines and little flowers made of carefully placed dots. Once I asked for a butterfly here at my usual salon in Shanghai and this is what they came up with.

49. Diana relaxing

This summer my friend Anita had watermelons. I thought it would be a cool idea and I had to get some too. They were a big DSC04443hit with my students. Often I feel little fingers touch them πŸ˜‰ A lot of the parents have noticed and I hear “You have watermelons on your toes!”. I learned the word for watermelon in Chinese (xΔ«guā –she gua) and I have heard people saying it while looking at my feet, so I know some locals have noticed too!

The colour was a bright pink with a white and green stripe along the top edge (kind of like a French manicure). To complete it little black dots were added and then the top coat.

  • Β xΔ«guā – watermelon toes

I brainstormed ideas to top the watermelon and I thought of ladybugs. I found a picture on the internet, of course it had already been done. I went to my local place and this is what they came up with.DSC04811

They didn’t have the thin nail art pens, so she painted my nails red then with a thin paint brush and some black paint she added the half circle of black for the head. The line was next and the little spots. After a minute to dry the little white dots for eyes were added. To keep it all in place a clear top coat was added. The colours are darker, so I wonder if I will have the same reaction to these little critters.

What fun designs have you seen or done on your nails?

Stay Tuned….

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24 thoughts on “Light on My Feet

  1. Love the watermelon toes!

  2. Freda Goulet

    I love your toes! This summer my toes were blue in July and in August the same green as your watermelon stripe ! I loved the green toes but many of my friends thought I was granny gone wild! Garril called them”gangareen” toes! Now I’m back to a more conventional boring shade of red. Next summer I’m opting for watermelon toes!!

  3. You should post some of these to! Your nails are fun!

  4. I’ve never seen any like yours – brilliant fun!

    • They were fun… The ideas came from a lady who my friend goes to. Normally you have to pay extra for simple designs and she includes this in the price. She has had some great ideas too. Here in China all you need is a picture and the cost is a little more. My friend’s daughter has nail art pens and has been doing some fun designs of her own. Check out her link she added to my post for little cartoon Minion designs. Even cooler than watermelons!

  5. These are great! I am not one for designs. Just doesn’t seem “me”, but I went with black after seeing on many and I LOVE IT! Sometimes I put sparkles on them. It’s just a clear polish with glitter in it I think, so you can put it on alone or over another color. That’s as fancy as I get. πŸ™‚ The watermelons are a hoot! I adore them!

    • My hands are always plain, or a simple pale colour. My feet are often bright colours. I had quite a collection of colours when I was in Canada and I had the glittery one too. I used to do my own pedi and I tried designs, but not this fancy. It is always fun in the summer πŸ™‚ I’ve not been brave enough to try black yet.

  6. Stunning, artistic, creative. Our feet needs to shine brightly and this is a beautiful way to show it. have a great week.

    • It is fun. My students love it and it is a way for me to be a little young and silly like them πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for stopping by and have a great week too.

  7. LoL you should send one of these over to ToeMails: (, They’d love them!

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