Ordinary Lines & Patterns: Weekly Photo Challenges

Patterns in Nature – ordinary or maybe a little out of the ordinary?

Twisty Vine

Twisty Vine

Patterns on Willow – she has the ordinary tabby style stripes and some out of the ordinary too. Did you spot her ‘bulls eye’?

Bull's Eye

Bull’s Eye

Out of the ordinary patterns on the Jumeriah Hotel, Shanghai.


Check out the Pixelventure theme ordinary and Word Press for Lines and Patterns.


Stay Tuned…


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21 thoughts on “Ordinary Lines & Patterns: Weekly Photo Challenges

  1. Lovely…it that Willow not a show cat! Thanks for the entry!

  2. Willow is luscious 🙂 interesting architecture there, its good to see!

    • Architecture in China -especailly Shanghai- is very unique. This building is extra unusual though.
      Willow is a cutie and I can’t resist posting photos of her 😉

      Thanks for the visit Gilly.

  3. Freda Goulet

    I think the twisted vine is most interesting. Where did you take that picture? Willow is such a character,,,her personality shines through in every picture. Our plain old architecture is very bring to what you have posted of Shanghai!

    • That building is extra unique even for Shanghai standards.
      The vine was at Jim’s place. I saw it this summer and snapped that photo and thought it was interesting.
      Ohhh Willow she is a cutie and unique in her own way. Her personality is so funny too.

  4. Freda Goulet

    oops…that should read”boring”

  5. Freda Goulet

    I should not be posting comments at 4 am.”boring compared to”…

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  7. The patterns of the Jumeriah Hotel is unusual but very modern looking.

  8. Willow is just absolutely precious, bull’s eye and all.

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