Tourist in My Own Town: Must See & Do

If you have a visitor come to your home town what is on your must see and do list?

That was the question we had to ask ourselves when fellow blogger Tina (Travels and Trifles) and her husband came passing through Shanghai almost 2 weeks ago. We were lucky enough to have the chance to meet up. We had a few hours one evening and had to decide what to show them that wasn’t already on their travel itinerary as well as impress them with something in Shanghai.

With working full time and not getting home until about 5pm each night it was tricky to plan something that could fit a time restriction and impress. One of our first great memories of this great city was seeing The Bund at night. Shanghai boasts many superb buildings, modern and older classical styles, on both sides of the Hungpu River. They were up for our plan and we set off one Wednesday evening. Our night started at the Peninsula Hotel at the end of the Bund for a drink on the patio bar. Spectacular views awaited us as we got acquainted. Next we strolled along the Bund and took in the view of the river, the architecture and interesting locals and tourists. Everything is lit up and the colours and sparkling lights are not garish, grotesque, or overdone. Instead they bathe everything in beauty. A broad walkway winds along the twists and turns of the river. We followed it for a number of blocks soaking it all in. If we had more time we would have done the river cruise… next time.

Shanghai Nights

Shanghai Nights – View  towards Pudong                                  ***Taken by CTB 2010


Sitting on top of the patio looking over this fantastic city we have called home for the past 3 years I am still amazed that we are living halfway around the world… in China of all places. A place I never thought I would visit, never mind live. The frustrations of the TIC (This is China) attitude was starting to get to me recently, but then this made me stop and realise what an opportunity, adventure and dream we have had. We are doing something few get to experience. Being able to share our love for the city and show them a small part of our place that has been home made it even more special.

The Bund - Shanghai

The Bund – Shanghai

So I ask again… if someone comes to visit you where is the one place you have to take them? This month’s theme for Tourist in Your Own Town was inspired by having a visitors. The theme for this month’s Tourist in Your Own Town “Must See and Do”

The first weekend of each month I will post a theme for ’Tourist in Your Own Town’. You can participate by:

  • doing your own post on the theme
  • add a hyperlink in your post to link your post back to this one
  • put your link in the comment section below so others can read yours
  • tag it “Tourist in Your Own Town” and use it in your title
  • anyone can participate and I look forward to learning more about where you live and getting inspiration of somewhere to visit next J


Stay tuned….

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20 thoughts on “Tourist in My Own Town: Must See & Do

  1. I don’t have one of my own, but Free But Fun has already written some great advice on Finland which sprung to mind straight away:

    I’m still not sure what to put on the must-see list for Singapore. Drinking beer and eating crab seems to come up a lot?

    • Thanks for the link… I will have to check it out. Hmm nothing in Singapore. What about those great new buildings that are in all the commercials? Or a favourite place for coffee or to drink that beer? Anything that you enjoy and would share with a friend, a relative or fellow blogger that came to see you from far away.

      • There’s stuff, it’s just the boiling down of it and labelling it as “must see”. I tend to pick completely different suggestions for different people. That said, I do tend to try and bully people into Haw Par Villa as far as possible:

        (This is the itinerary we ran for our last visitor, and includes Haw Par Villa.)

        The Haw Par Villa suggestion doesn’t work for everybody, but I encourage everyone to consider swinging through!

        • Thanks for sending the link… and yes you are right -sometimes it depends on your visitor and their tastes. OK off to read your links 🙂

  2. Love the city lights! Well this won’t be much of a challenge. Here in Niagara Falls it is very obvious what ‘the one thing’ is. I’ll have to work on a imaginative presentation of it.

    • Yes the falls are the one place we took all our relatives when they came to see us. It is certainly a ‘must see’. Looking forward to your post and seeing a bit of home 🙂

  3. Freda Goulet

    Since Bell was such an important part of Brantford and the global effect of his invention, the TELEPHONE, I would definitely take visitors to the Bell Homestead where Alexander Graham bell lived.

    • I drove past the sign everyday as I went to Mount Pleasant School, but never stopped in. I should make a point one day to check it out.
      I remember going to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum in Nova Scotia as a kid.

      • Freda Goulet

        When I spent a year in Baddeck to study Grade 12, I had a part time job cleaning the Bell museum at night,,,that is a lot of history collected in one place. That was in 1959, the 50th anniversary of the flight of the Silver Dart, which Bell and J D Mc Curdy worked on together. Gosh, I’m OLD!!LOL

        • Oh wow… what a cool opprotunity to get up close to that history.
          Age is just a number… and it is how you feel, so I am told. As I get older I think I like that reasoning 😉

  4. Beautiful! I only saw a small part of Shanghai, and did not get to do the cruise 😕

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  6. Well I don’t know about anyone else but I loved your post!!! 🙂 It was so terrific meeting you and your charming husband, and it was very special to share beautiful Shanghai with you. Most importantly it was great to feel friendship in such a far-away place, and to know I have a new friend going forward! Thanks for a lovely visit!!

    • Oh thanks very much Tina. We loved meeting you both too. We didn’t feel like we were meeting someone new, but meeting with old dear friends 🙂 Hopefully we will meet again. I am glad you liked our simple view of Shanghai.

  7. Yes you’re really lucky to be able to get under the skin of another country and culture, this sounds lior a super evening.

  8. Sorry for the typo I’m having to use my phone!

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