Rain & Height: Weekly Photo Challenges

We just returned from Hong Kong and I hope to post about that shortly. To save time I am posting 2 photo challenges in 1 post. This time I cannot combine the challenges in 1 photo so I have posted them all below.

Bastet’s Pixelventures has encouraged us to look for the one of the main elements and photograph rain. As she states photographing rain is not easy. As I mentioned we just returned from Hong Kong. We were unlucky enough to have 2 days of rain for our 5 days away. Our day trip to Macau started out cloudy and later a light drizzle came and went. A few hours before our ferry ride was due to leave and go back to Hong Kong it started to rain harder. We went into a casino to try our luck, but to no avail. To match our mood it started to rain harder. Luckily across the street was the bus depot and our #3 bus pulled in just as we arrived. Just before we got on I snapped a few pictures and this is not the best photo, but best example of rain. You can see the woman with her make shift umbrella covering her from the sudden rain. If you look closely you can see the puddles forming and rain drops making them ripple. Of course there are rain drops on my lens too.

rainy days in Macau

rainy days in Macau

Next Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack has posted the theme height. What better examples of high are the towering skyscrapers of Hong Kong? According to Hong Kong Tourism at the Peak it has the highest concentration of skyscrapers of any place in the world. Here are some views from up top the Peak and another below along Victoria Harbour looking up at the Hong Kong skyline.

Stay tuned….

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15 thoughts on “Rain & Height: Weekly Photo Challenges

  1. You know what? I was also thinking of the Hong Kong skyline when I saw the Photo Challenge! But I didn’t get around to do anything about it – happy you did!

    • Thank you… with the peak and so many sky scrapers it was easy… especaily since we just got back Wednesday from there.
      Thanks for the visit and taking the time to comment.

  2. Freda Goulet

    One can feel the energy concentrated in all those skyscrapers!

    • It is pretty amazing and surprisingly very green too! Up the hills there are hiking trails and on the opposite side of the Peak away from down town it looks more green and fewer tall buildings. Best of both worlds.

  3. =) Looking forward to hearing more about your adventure.

  4. Hmmmm……looks familiar!! Well done :-), enjoyed the post!

  5. That definitely shows height! I’m looking forward to hearing about Hong Kong!

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