Black & White: Pixelventures Photo Challenge

I have been scouring the USBs and hard drive for some Black & White photos for this week’s photo challenge set by Bastet with their weekly Pixelventures Photo Challenge. She is looking for photos of Autumn. Well here in Shanghai temperatures are still hovering around 23-27c. Autumn sets in much later. Hopefully my summer wheat ready for harvest fits the bill where the rest break the rules ;), but they are some of my favourites.

Until recently I haven’t taken a lot of black and white photos. My little point and shoot camera didn’t have that as an option. When I bought my larger camera  it allowed me more choices including Black & White and Sepia. I use it on occasion, but I tend to lean towards Sepia. I like to use warmer tones of the brown to the cooler B&W.

Thanks to Bastet for the inspiration. Enjoy my gallery of B&W pics and a few Sepia too 🙂 Be sure to follow the links to see more examples, or to post your own.

I added pictures from nature as well as man made things. Hover over the photo to see the titles.

Which ones were your favourite?

Stay tuned I still want to post more this weekend on our short trip to Hong Kong…

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13 thoughts on “Black & White: Pixelventures Photo Challenge

  1. Lovely photos…my point and shoot doesn’t have a b&w feature so I have to retouch to get those…these are lovely, I understand what you mean about sepia…But the Wall for example is super in b&w and don’t think it would be the same in sepia. Thanks for participating!

  2. A tie between Peace Tower and Crumbling Down!

  3. Freda Goulet

    I think the age of the Great Wall is reflected in the black and white photo…great pics.

  4. Beautiful shots! Looks like you are having fun in HK 🙂

    • Hong Kong was great. I enjoyed this visit where last time we ended up in the high end shopping areas which only made us depressed ’cause we couldn’t afford anything 😉
      This was a fun trip to get away and see something new. Wish we had more time to explore there.
      Thanks for the visit 🙂

  5. Crumbling and golden hour. My faves – but only ’cause you asked. 😉
    I really like them all.

    • Thanks. Both those were taken at home this past summer. I used golden hour for a photo challenge this past summer too 😉
      Crumbling was an old barn over grown with wild flowers and weeds. We drove by numerous times and finally one day I had to stop and get some pics.

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