Sculpture: Tourist in My Town

I started the idea of how we can be ‘tourists in our own town’ last spring. I randomly posted and showed you some cool things from Shanghai and over the summer things from Canada. I am trying to post a theme for this challenge which, anyone can participate in, the first weekend of each month. This month’s theme is SCULPTURE.

Head out there and snap away. Then post on any type of SCULPTURE you may see in your city, town, or backyard. It can be a simple garden sculpture or something on a grander scale. Once you post be sure to come back and link your post here, so we can all share and be armchair tourists. Be sure to put in a link, so we can all see and learn something new about where you live.

If you want to participate then follow these easy steps:

  • take some photos of sculpture
  • post your sculpture photos and add the tag ‘Tourist in My Town’ (and put it in the title too)
  • link back to this post
  • add your link to your post in the comment section below
  • post before the first weekend of December


My first photo is a large shiny metal sculpture of a human form with his thumbs up,… hence the name Thumb Plaza where it sits. This place is a few minutes walk from our house here in Shanghai. The local grocery store, our bank, and many restaurants and a few other shops are here too. We frequent this area at least once a week. This large sculpture sits near the one main entrance area to the plaza, right by Pizza Hut and Starbucks. The lighting and reflection were a little more interesting than usual, so I snapped this photo.

Big Thumb

Big Thumb

My other photo is an icon of Shanghai, just as much as the skyline. Along Century Avenue you will spot this large metal intricate sculpture. It leaves the question What is It??? I have been told it is a large sundial, but I am still not sure. It sits alone in the middle of a large intersection. Night it is the best with the lighting showcasing this amazing and interesting piece of work.

Sundial or Futuristic Art?

Sundial or Futuristic Art?

What kind of interesting sculptures are in your town? Come back here before the first weekend in December and show yours and be a Tourist in Your Own Town.

Stay tuned….

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15 thoughts on “Sculpture: Tourist in My Town

  1. Two stunning sculptures! Love the first one. Well done!

    • Thanks… I have posted him before, but from the front. This angle was fun with the reflections of the different buildings and signs all distorted.
      Thanks for your kind comment.

  2. That’s one strange buddah if you ask me.

  3. Awesome works of Art. Unique and exciting.

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  5. Be sure to check out Bastet’s post of sculpture in Italy. There is an amazing collection and even a great one on a hydro building. Leave it to the Italians πŸ˜‰

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