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Bastet has a great photo challenge this week of days gone by… things from the past or take a walk down memory lane. Just to be different I thought I would show you a contrast of things from a few places around the world. Places you can go today and see a glimpse into the past. I read a book as a child about some children who accidentally went back in time and I always thought that would be very cool to not only explore another place, but a time period as well. What would it be like then? Is what we know about the history correct? What did it look like in all it’s glory of that time period?

Come with me to glimpse back in time in these places. Do you know where they are?



Did you know this was Shanghai? This is around Yuan Garden where some of the buildings are the old low traditional style with the interesting roof in the typical Chinese architecture. Red paper lanterns decorate the buildings and little shops sell their wares. You could be walking down this street 10 or 20 years ago and it may have looked much the same. The newer cars and the tall buildings in the skyline give away the time period and you realise this was taken just a few months ago.

IMG_0776This is a small town in Cuba. I posted this photo before and it is a perfect example of off the tourist track. The old 50’s cars, bikes and horse drawn carts are still in use today exactly how they were in the 1050’s. Time stands still in Cuba in many ways, but the music and culture is somethings that touches your soul. It is a place we have visited 3 times and we hold dear to our heart.

DSC05729Did you guess this one? It is the hardest of all and I last went here in 2009, so it isn’t a trip I have posted about. It is Trajan’s Market in Rome. The ancient bricks, stone work, mosaics and architecture all gives us a little glimpse into the ancient past of a thriving empire. Oh to have been here to shop, or gossip would have been a part of everyday life 2000 years ago.

Be sure to check out some cool pictures from others by visiting Bastet’s page. You can always join in too. Just follow the link to find out how.

Busy weekend, poor internet and computer issues only allowed me to get to one post this weekend. Stay tuned… maybe more this week if I can find the time. If not for sure next weekend.

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9 thoughts on “Days Gone Bye… Pixelventures

  1. Love the vehicles in the Cuban photo, and the contrast of cars/backdrop in Shanghai.

    • Thank you. That describes Shanghai perfectly… contrast. The old traditions and new modern sparkle intermingle in a way that makes everything so interesting here.
      Thanks very much stopping and taking the time to comment ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Freda Goulet

    Very interesting post , Diana. Thanks.

    • I wanted to show some old photos with the crazy 70’s patterns, or bright 80’s colours with big hair. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for and I try to be a little bit ‘hidden’ in photos so work realted people can’t find me. Then I thought about history of places and thought that would be an interesting take on the theme.

  3. Great take on the prompt! Thanks so much for your participation this is a great post!

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