Light: Weekly Photo Challenge

In response to this week’s challenge LIGHT set by Word Press. They mention we usually stray away from a light source in photos, but as we enter a season of light and days are shorter look for an interesting light source and post them for this week’s theme. Here are my examples. Enjoy!

The sun trying to escape the clouds.

The sun trying to escape the clouds.


While waiting for a taxi near my school I couldn’t resist this interesting shot of the sun peeking through some clouds that were rolling in. Being so close to the sea we have a lot of cloudy days. The sun illuminated the edge of the clouds and it peeked out of other places. It was truly magical.





Around Hallowe’en the trees were lit up in a local park where a lot of kite flyers go to fly their huge kites. I couldn’t resist taking a shot as the lights changed colour and gave the trees an eerie look.






I have been waiting for a reason to post this photo for a while. It was a happy accident. I was trying to take a photo of the unique lamp shade when the wind kept blowing some pesky leaves into my shot. I noticed the outline of the leaf glowing in the street lamp and decided this was more interesting.

Be sure to check out Word Press to join in.

Stay tuned… a new Tourist in Your Own Town photo challenge will be up soon.

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16 thoughts on “Light: Weekly Photo Challenge

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  2. Great last shot!

    • Xie Xie πŸ™‚ How are things in Sardina after the cyclone?

      • Still picking up the pieces. It will take a long time to rebuild. 😦

        • That is too bad so much damage was done. Amazing how Mother Nature can be so strong. Seems to be happening more and more these days too.Maybe people will start to think about climate change and think about making a difference. Here we have had bad pollution over 150 for at least 3 weeks. Today it is hazardous over 300! I am not sure why it has been so bad. It seems to have gotten worse each year I have been here. All this must have an affect on the climate not to mention people’s health!

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  4. Freda Goulet

    I love the last shot…very, very unique! You take great pics!

  5. The best pics are often happy accidents. The last photo is truly a unique image. It would make a nice card.

    • Thank you for the kind comment. I am on the look out for unique points of view. It was good advice someone gave me about taking photos…. and when it is a happy accident all the better πŸ˜‰

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  7. That last shot is fabulous. What a lucky break – and raw talent, of course! Excellent!

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