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In the Grand scheme of things were are a small fish in a big sea and we should make the most out of everyday. I always work hard and try my best. My reward to myself for working hard is dreaming of Grand vacations. Seeing the world and learning about it first hand is truly a Grand experience. From majestic world class cities, to modern wonders and landmarks I want to see as much as I can. I must say I have been lucky and hit more places than the average Joe. One of the Grandest adventures and experiences of a life time was getting to see the Grand Great Wall of China. We had been living in Shanghai nearly 3 years and it was so close, yet so far away. To finally get there was surreal. Trying to take it all in was impossible. To head up a steep hillside by cable car and suddenly see it come into sight was breath taking. Straining your eyes as far as you could see was only a small fraction of the Grand architecture that snakes and winds its way across the country.

The Great Wall - How Grand.

The Great Wall – How Grand.

Big Mountains make the wall look so small as it twists, turns and balances along the ridge.

Big Mountains make the wall look so small as it twists, turns and balances along the ridge.

A small section of the Great Wall.

A small section of the Great Wall.

The Great Wall is wide, tall and long. What could be Grander than this? If you have an example tell me about it below in the comments, or head to Word Press and find out how to post your own.

Stay tuned…

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19 thoughts on “GRAND: Weekly Photo Challenge


    Few things could ever be grander than this! Great post!

  2. Freda Goulet

    A grand post of a grand topic…you are lucky to have experienced the Great Wall of China!!

    • Yes it was so much to take in. I wished we had more time to explore at our own pace, but we had to go on a tour. Maybe we can make another trip there before we leave China. Thanks for visiting 🙂

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  5. I don’t think we could find anything grander than that!

    • Yes so true… man made beauty stretching for miles. Although I think I would be just as impressed by the pyramids. And the colloseum in Rome is also pretty amazing.

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  8. To see this, I would almost get on a plane. Grand says it all, I’ll bet!

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  10. For sure you hit one of my all-time favorite adventures with this one CTB! A magnificent, GRAND choice!

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