Cabin Fever: Tourist in Your Own Town

Happy New Year and Welcome to the first Tourist in Your Own Town for 2014!

Speaking of NEW this is post #301 for Canadian Travel Bugs. As a new year begins we also reflect back over the passing year. Thinking over the last posts of 2013 (check out my stats here thanks to WP) I noticed many of my recent posts have been photo challenges. My goal for the new year is to get back to more stories and adventures about China and travel as well as have this photo challenge that I host and post monthly to increase.  Without further ado here we go with this month’s challenge, Cabin Fever.

DO you feel like hibernating?

DO you feel like hibernating?

For most places in the northern hemisphere winter has hit with a vengeance. Winter has brought cold, damp temperatures and wet weather with rain, ice storms and lots of snow. With colder weather many people turn into hibernation mode and want to stay indoors. Who enjoys the miserable weather outside? Curling up by a warm fire, under a cozy blanket and enjoying a good book or movie may be how you spend your days. After awhile maybe cabin fever sets in when you are bored with the inside and feeling cooped up. Maybe if we share ideas of what we do everyday, or a post a view inside our homes it will give us new ideas and break the boredom.

I think we were lucky not to go home this Christmas with all the snow, ice and bad weather they have been having. Coming back to Shanghai after being in Cambodia we found the first night very cold and damp, but the next day it reached a comfortable 15c with clear skies! Today the air quality is bad, so we will spend the day inside watching TV, cleaning up, reading, and the most fun playing with Willow.


How to participate

  1. Post a photo of something inside your house, from your window, or your daily routine. It can also be an idea of how to break the boredom of being trapped inside. Alternatively post a photo of the weather from where you are. Maybe we will be jealous of your warmer temps or think Whoa at least it isn’t that bad! 😉
  2. Use the Tourist in Your Own Town as a tag and in the title of your post.
  3. Use Cabin Fever as a tag and in the title also.
  4. Link back to this blog in your post about Cabin Fever.
  5. Add a link to your post in the comments below, so others can find you easily.
Willow pooped out after playing chase. Time for a cuddle and watching TV.

Willow pooped out after playing chase. Time for a cuddle and watching TV.

Looking forward to seeing what you do to break Cabin Fever and how you spend your days.

Stay tuned… Next month there will be a new theme for Tourist in Your Own Town. Usually a new theme is posted the first weekend of the month. Also  check back this weekend for a post about our recent trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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6 thoughts on “Cabin Fever: Tourist in Your Own Town

  1. Freda Goulet

    Yes, you are very fortunate that you weren’t here for this very cold Christmas holiday. When it is too cold and icy to venture outside I usually brew a cup of my favorite coconut calypso tea and curl up with a good book. The tea is soothing and warming as I get lost in my book…works every time!!

  2. Hm, this is a tricky one. It sounds simple, but when I come to think about what I should post… Let me work on it. In the meantime, sounds like your cabin fever wasn’t too bad this season – you still managed to get out! Although I guess you’re feeling it more now.

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