Red: Tourist in Your Own Town

Each month I pick a theme and ask you to post a photo of something from where you live to fit the challenge. As February begins so does 2014’s Chinese New Year and for many other parts of the world you may think of Valentines Day and love. What better idea than to show something RED? Maybe you want to show yourself or how other’s paint the town RED. Maybe there is a Valentine or Chinese New Year display where you live to show RED. However you decide post something RED, from wherre you live, before the end of the month.

Very RED tomatoes at the local wet market

Very RED tomatoes at the local wet market

The response to these photo challenges hasn’t been good. 😦 I have had lots of comments and ‘will come back later’ to post, but few have. Any suggestions how to make this a better challenge or how to get more interest would be greatly appreciated.

Traditional RED doors in Shanghai

Traditional RED doors in Shanghai

The rules:

  • post a photo of this month’s theme however you interpret it
  • add a link in your post to this one here so others can join in
  • put a link to your post in the comment section below, so we can find you
  • add RED and Tourist in Your Own Town in your tags and title
  • Snap away and have fun. Be sure to post before the end of February
Expo Building -for the 2010 Shanghai Expo. Long after Expo this building remains to be used as a museum.

The RED China PavilionΒ  -for the 2010 Shanghai Expo. Long after Expo this building remains to be used as a museum.

Thanks and stay tuned…

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45 thoughts on “Red: Tourist in Your Own Town

  1. Yummy photos! And happy New Year!

  2. Hmmm…I’ll have to look into some red stuff!!! πŸ™‚


    I will see what I can find!

  4. Reblogged this on Patchwork Ponderings and commented:
    ~ ~ ~
    CTB has so many wonderful ideas! I’m not sure where my time has gone these past few months but I swear I’m going to go out and get those photos to ‘catch up’ with her challenges!

    • CTB ~ They’re awesome ideas! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted but I honestly have such great ideas and want to go get the photos. I find that because I’m highlighting my home town I want to go get certain photos not just look through what I have.
      Don’t give up! Perhaps linking your challenges when your participate in other challenges?

      • Thanks for the idea and encouragement. I just don’t want to keep going if no one is interested. I have only had 1 maybe 2 participants each challenge. I understand that sometimes it is hard since it requires people to go out and do and not just search the archives. Then it may be forgotten.
        Thanks for the idea. I will try and see what I can do and give it another go.

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  7. Maybe I’m crazy, but a really love the picture of the vegetables the most.
    Don’t know what that says about me. That I’m a cherry tomato? πŸ˜‰

    • Ha Ha… I happened upon that photo and it just looked so yummy I had to throw it in πŸ˜‰ The colours just popped don’t yout think?

      • They really does! I want to eat those veggies.
        Well! Maybe not all of them!
        If those things on the upper left is what we call “black roots” I’ll gladly give them to someone else. πŸ˜‰

        • I am not sure what those are and never bought them although a truck FULL of them often parks on the corner near our apartment.
          So are you up to showing us something RED in your town?

          • I could! But certainly not now. It’s a quarter to one… PAST MIDNIGHT so I really should sleep. Not hanging with the Mac…
            Thought I should catch up a bit with the blogs… and mails… and everything else I haven’t had time to do during the week

            • Of course go to sleep … but if you ‘dream’ up a great idea post away tomorrow πŸ˜‰

              • I couldn’t help myself! I began thinking of it! Where can I find something red?

                But on the other hand – I should probably avoid going out tomorrow… and sunday… and perhaps a couple of days after that. (Though I have to go to work on monday)

                The weather is changing. Getting a bit warmer.
                Snow’s gonna melt during the days and then freeze during the nights. It will probably be almost impossible to walk and bike for a while now. I hope the snow and ice soon will disappear. Next weekend the forecast says it’s gonna be above zero also at nights. I’d love that!

  8. Great post! When did you start the challenge? This is the first time I’ve seen it. I’ve been behind as always on reading my blogs as many times I just can’t read every post. I probably missed it but I love the idea! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Nicole. I started last spring doing a random post about things here in Shanghai as I got out and explored more of the city. Someone suggested doing a monthly challenge that way people know to look for it. So now the first weekend of every month I post a theme for people to show something from where they live.
      I thought Christmas for sure would be an easy theme, but only a few takers. I am hoping things will pick up, or I will just go back to random posts as I come across something interesting.
      I know how things can get busy… we have only been back 3.5 weeks and already we are looking forward to this holiday. We shouldn`t be so tired… but so much has been going on the last few weeks we were ready for the break!

      • I have had a hard time keeping up on all the blogs I follow! So sorry I missed this. I have tried a few things like this before and I have noticed it is hard to gain steam. I feel like my posting has gotten much more sporadic as well as life has been busy. πŸ™‚ Where is your next holiday?

        • I have had trouble keeping up with blogs too. I have had a lot of good response to the blog with Tourist in Your Town, but few takers. I will try a few more then maybe let it go.
          We were in the Philippines for 5 days. It was glorious… hot, humid and sunny. We had 3 days on the beach. It was suppose to rain, but held off until the day we left the beach. We left at 6:30 AM today and already back in Shanghai, so we missed out on a great sunny day today and came back to cold, damp rain here in Shanghai. 😦 Shame since before we left it was about 25c here in Shanghai!!!

  9. Excellent theme CTB! And love your choices!!

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  11. I have a redhead in London for you:

    Do persevere with the challenge – it takes a long time for people to get into the regular habit.

    I do a weekly challenge and it is very slowly picking up.

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    • Ah but we are in Mexico for the winter hence no WHITE in my photos!

    • Thanks very much for sending along your link. Great examples of RED from Toronto. Made me a little homesick for a moment, but then I remembered the cold and snow you are all having this year. Then I was happy to be here where we are having a milder than normal winter.

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  14. Be sure to check out the great participants above with their take on RED. Here is my RED #2 showing some traditions of RED at Chinese New Year. RED is an important colour for this celebration. See some pictures of it here:

  15. It’s one of those things where I always promise myself I’ll participate and half the time I don’t get around to it! But I love your take and I love that you organise it.

    The vegetables are definitely the pick (no pun etc).

    • They look so yummy and ripe don’t they. I like how the purple eggplant pops too!
      The challenge has been off to a slow start and few takers. Another blog has started the almost same idea and it is doing better than mine. Frustrating! I think they have more followers, so more opprotunity to get people to participate. I’ll try a few more times and see what happens.

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