Time Temptation

With a view like this doesn’t it tempt you to jump on the next plane and say forget work… ? The beach is a place where time stands still. I don’t need a watch or worry about where to be. I can just soak up the sun, swimΒ  in the sea and revel and relax.


I wish I could go back in time and enjoy the sunny carefree days when we were in the Philippines just a month ago. As we enter our busy season at work I long for more time

This is my response to Where’s My Backback theme Temptation and Baset’s Pixleventures Time. Click on their links to see more.

Stay tuned…

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34 thoughts on “Time Temptation

  1. Wow…wish I were here lolling around in the water…great time concept! Thanks for participating!

  2. Very tempting indeed πŸ™‚

  3. it looks like such a beautiful spot to while away some time

    • We have been there twice now, so I would say it is a place we love to spend our precious time πŸ™‚
      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Very beautiful

  5. vastlycurious.com

    OH what a beautiful, beautiful photograph ! Yes , I am heading to the airport now! ( I wish)

  6. Awesome shot, perfect choice for temptation!

  7. Really lovely shot CTB! Really makes one want to jump on the next plane!

  8. Lovely!

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  10. Lovely shot πŸ™‚

  11. There is something funny going on. And with funny I don’t mean HAHA-funny!
    Your blog, and I don’t know how many more, doesn’t show up neither in the reader nor as e-mail when a new post is publish. I’m supposed to get a mail when you’ve written something, but no!

    I havn’t checked out everybody on my list, but I’m pretty sure quite many isn’t showing up when published a new post!
    Okay! I haven’t as much time lately to check out the reader, but when I do there is amazingly few new posts. So sometimes I enter the blog(s) I miss, and yes… there are new posts.
    Really annoying! I don’t want you to think that I don’t care.

    After all! We are using the reader to be able to easy find the new posts on the blogs we want to read, and the mail if we really don’t want to miss a post. Still!
    And with a lot to do with work and otherwise, it’s impossible to check out every blog we follow, one by one, every day, maybe more than once.

    Yeah! I admit I’m whining a bit now, but I think through all the improvements WP has done lately, the functions have rather become worse.

    • I found the same problem. Blogs I follow have gone away and I wonder the same thing. A friend from home posts a few times a week and then one day NOTHING. I googled her blog and went to it to check it out. It had new posts then I noticed somehow the follow got turned off! I had the same trouble with a few other blogs too, but the follow was still on. 😦 Hmmm technlogy sometimes it is frustrating!
      Thanks for stopping by and caring πŸ™‚ I appreciate your comments and visits.
      If it helps… I usually post on weekends 1-2 a week. With work being busy, and now the busiest time starts, I try my best to stick to that.

      • Obviously there is something wrong with WP when it comes to this. Very irritating. We working girls (;)) dont have time for such. That’s why we use the mail for some and the reader.

      • I too have to minimize my bloggingtime. A couple of posts a week. Mostly a picture, not many words. But occasionally I have things to do in the weekend as well. Tomorrow I’ll attend a meating, and one of the issues is about the homepage I’m doing for them. Sunday I’ ll take part in a one-day-course of how to teach in a study class. Do you say so? I don’t mean an ordinary school. Rather classes you can take on your own freetime if you want to learn more about a specific interest or topic. Often in evenings once a week.

        • You sound very busy too! Work here is busy maybe more than a normal school at home. Expectaions are very high. We also have company from Canada, so trying to work full time and spend time with them. All about balance!

          • I still suffer a bit from the burn out. Not quite as structured as I’d like to be. But it’s getting better. Where I spend my days no is a very good place wich truly helps me grow and feeling better. After all! I can do the things I like to do! webthings! And I meet people in a good way! That stimulates! But when my head is too tired I can go away. Go home. Do my things there. In my own quiet room! Or do nothing at all!
            Having too little to do can be as stressing as having too much to do. More so, I would say. To be understimulated is a nightmare. Especially when you’re not feeling well and don’t have a lot of money. Money doesn’t make you happy, but it makes your life easier

            • Yes seems everything to do costs money. I enjoy my free time just relaxing, blogging, watching TV or reading. Good way to recharge after a busy and hectic work day.

              • Now its saturday morning here. Yesterday I visited this exhibition for business people, companies, educational, et cetera. And as me and others. In social workintegrating busineses. I find it hard here to explain about that. Don’t know the words.
                But Fun. Many people. Much noise. And therefore very tireing for a adhd-brain as mine. So after that, and after buying the bike and a walk home (needed fresh air for more than five minutes and it had started to blow a cold nasty wind) I had dinner and then I kept myself in the sofa for the rest of the day mostly watching movies. But I didn’t fall asleep until very late yesterday. Around 1:15 am actually

                • Here it was a nice day and we took company out for their last full day in the city. We wandered a funny market selling insects, turtles, bunnies, birds and kittens. All free! The weather was great and we even got to take our coats off for awhile.

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