SKYLINE #2: Tourist in Your Own Town

We have visitors from Canada and what better thing to show them than the skyline of Shanghai up close. Walking along The Bund there is spectacular views of the Pudong New Area with its skyscrapers and unique and fancy designs. Walking on the Puxi (Poo-she) side the older colonial style architecture contrasts and compliments the skyline.

Shanghai at Night -Puxi side

Shanghai at Night -Puxi side

Last time I showed you SKY with colours of sunrise and sunsets and views of Shanghai. This time it is a closer look at the skyline that makes up Shanghai.

Pudong area with the skyline filled with buildings

Pudong area with the skyline filled with buildings

This is a part of my monthly photo challenge Tourist in Your Town where I encourage you to show us something from where you live within the monthly theme. If you would like to participate here is how.


  • post something to show the SKY  or the SKYLINE where you live
  • use  Tourist in Your Own Town in the title
  • use the tag sky and tourist in your town
  • link back to this post
  • link to your post in the comments below so others can find you
  • a new theme will be posted the first weekend of April, so lots of time for sky posts

Thanks to the participants who already joined in. We had some views of Italy, Niagara Falls, Sweden and a few others you should check out! What a great way to see the world without the large expense and hassle of packing 😉

Stay tuned for more …

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16 thoughts on “SKYLINE #2: Tourist in Your Own Town

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  2. Shanghai has arguably one of the best skylines I’ve seen! It is so gorgeous at night.

    • It is… even far from the Bund buildings light up the night with patterns and colour. Soon the Shanghai tower will be done. It now is taller than the current tallest building the “Bottle Opener”. There are so many cranes dotted around the skyline is forever changing and growing here.

      • Wow, you will have to take a picture and share on your blog!

        • Most of my photos of sky are of the bund direction from our apartment. The other side isn’t as intersting and the patterns change and move which is hard to capture how cool in a photo. I’ll try though.

  3. what a magical place…just magical

  4. Great captures of this cool city! I had a hard time to take a decent photo, due to size, buildings.

    • Yes it is tricky to fit it all in. The best view was from a hotel resturant balcony. It is a pricy place, so we have only been once. On the weekend we went up the Pearl Tower and it is hard to fit it all in even from up high.

      • The first photo is a stunning shot! The night lights can be challenging…

        • Yes a stead hand, a tripod or leaning it on a hard surface is helpful. I think I had that one on the balcony ledge to get that shot clear.
          Thanks again for the comments and kind words.

  5. Ooh, I have a picture of the skyline of Tokyo in my recent blog. But it’s not my home town. I have to get back to participating in this one again!

    • Yes each month I post a theme. Next week a new theme is up, but psot whenever you can.
      Even though Tokyo isn’t your home town it would be cool to see.

  6. I published an olde photo of my home town, hope you enjoy it!

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  8. Gorgeous photos. Especially the second photo inspires me.

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