A Market For Everything

It seems like Shanghai has a market for everything. Want new clothes made, go to the Fabric Market. Need some electronics then the electronic market. How about souvenirs, luggage, knock offs? There is a market for that too. I have shown you Art Street, a sort of market for paintings. A class trip even brought us to a flower market. I needed new glasses, where did I go? The glasses market of course! Spread across the city there is a market for a variety of things, whatever your needs. I have stumbled on some, explored others and have many more to discover.


A market I heard about my first year here has been on my ‘do-to’ list for a while. We had visitors from home last week and they love shopping.  I decided we should take them to see more of ‘real’ China and explore a market that would be filled with sights, sounds, smells and crowds. The market in question was a bird and insect market. The market promised a variety of interesting insects, many of them crickets used for fighting. Small birds and other pets would also be housed here. Now it is not your Western Pet Store, so a warning of cramped and crowded conditions was mentioned in the description as I searched for the address of the location.


After a wrong turn we found our way jostled by people cramped on a crowded, narrow sidewalk. We eventually made our way to doorway leading to the market. Immediately cricket chirping deafened our ears. Pushy people came pouring in as we stopped and adjusted our senses to all we were seeing and hearing. Stalls and small storefronts no larger than a small closet lined the maze of rows of stalls. Our first section houses turtles, fish and crickets. At the next turn were small birds and bamboo cages. As we neared the end hamsters, guinea pigs and bunnies were for sale, housed in cages and small plastic containers or boxes.

Most of the patrons were locals with a sprinkling of tourists or western expats  like us wanting to snap some interesting photos. Most vendors did not notice or care, but some shooed us on saying ‘NO’ when they spotted us raise our camera. The market was not as big or interesting as the one we saw in Hong Kong, but a cool side trip not far from Xintiandi and YuYuan Garden. The address is:  South Xizang Rd, 西藏南路 From Line 10 get off at Laoximen. It is only a short walk from the metro. Turn right out of the subway away from the Bread Talk and Electronics store.

Stay tuned….

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13 thoughts on “A Market For Everything

  1. Looks a little squishy inside the turtle tank! 🙂

    • Yes the little animals were all crowded in small cages and containers. Not what we are used to, but an interesting attack on the senses to see, hear and smell!

  2. Freda Goulet

    Interesting markets…not sure I would tolerate the noisy , pushy, crowded conditions as well as you do. Guess I like my own space too well!!

    • I hate the crowds, but with over a billion people it is unavoidable at times. I have learned how to push back -which is SO UN Canadian, but a must at times 😉

  3. Great photos! I’m with Freda above. I need a bit more space when I’m out and about.

    • Yes I was surprised how crowded it was, a popular spot. It was a beautiful warm sunny day too, which always brings out the crowds. I prefer to avoid crowds, but as I said to my Aunt Freda… with over a billion people it is hard to avoid. I had to become ‘unCanadian’ a few times and push back. Funny since it gains you respect and they often then appologise. Others do not blink an eye since it is expected way of life.

  4. Those cages are outrageous! That’s hysterical! But the bunny. That is a bunny, right? In the purple cage? So so cute! I want that little thing! Amazing market place, CTB.

    • Yes it was a bunny -it was round. It almost looked like a toy or a big puff ball. I would love to have it too.
      The bird cages are so beautiful and if they are like the ones we saw in Hong Kong they are hand made.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Funny! I was so sure I already had written a comment to you about this! That happens sometimes. I think so much about what and how to write, that I then think I already have written it.
    I like very much what you show me here in your blog. To me it is very exotic, very appealing! Things I otherwise only see in movies. It makes me dream away…

    • Thanks for that Ninna, much appreciated. That is the whole idea of my blog and Tourist in Your Town series… take a look at things through my eyes.
      The East is the new “Europe” for travellers looking for something interesting and different. Shanghai is very western with large buildings, fancy cars and big name brands. Then little back streets have things like this. The old way of life. It is very cool to see the contrasts and experience it. Tourists passing through may miss a lot of this, but it is worth taking a peek.

  6. Looks amazingly familiar CTB – but you know what they say “this is China” which explains everything 🙂
    Loved your post.

    • Thanks Tina. We wanted to take our visitors to see more of ‘real China’ since they spent most of their time at the big malls and shopping markets. It was a cool experience for us all.

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