Misty Threshold of Inspiration

What is a misty threshold of inspiration? For me it is a combination of 3 photo challenges 😉 Ailsa has asked for something MISTY while Word Press asked for a THRESHOLD and Bastet asked for INSPIRATION.

Going through my pics from our recent short trip to Hong Kong I thought this photo fit the bill for all 3. Our short trip was saturated by heavy down pours. Luckily we got in before the storm, so our flight was not diverted, delayed  or cancelled. Each day we would arrive inside JUST before the skies really opened up. Umbrella’s and rain coats were unfashionable, but kept us mostly dry. The day we left heavy rains left everything misty over the hills. As Ailsa says fog and mist are mysterious and I thought this was be good inspiration for someone to write a short story or poem. Bastet wanted a photo to help inspire someone to write and hopefully this will get some creative juices flowing.

Misty Hong Kong

Misty Hong Kong

WP’s theme of threshold was described as something that can show change or a beginning. Travel is just that for me. Stepping away from the comforts of home and going somewhere new is exciting. I love the opportunity that travel provides… allowing you to see and do new things, meet new people, experience new foods, sites, smells and learn about different ways of life. My first solo trip opened so many doors for me and without that opportunity I may not have ever taken the chance to move half way around the world. It was a big step… challenging, exciting and scary. Crossing over that threshold has been many fantastic adventures.

The Ultimate threshold -flight

The Ultimate threshold – flight

What big step have you taken in life?

Stay tuned…

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27 thoughts on “Misty Threshold of Inspiration

  1. Nice…and so lucky to be able to cover three prompts…well done!

  2. Really well done ♡

  3. Freda Goulet

    Very creative, Diana, to cover all three themes in one blog! I thought I was taking a huge step more than 50 years ago when I left my family and friends and moved half way across Canada. You have moved half way around the world….but the world is much smaller now in so many ways, especially for traveling! My dad moved to Saskatchewan from Nova Scotia back in the 1930s to look for work…a huge step for him back then! Ronda’s move to Texas was a smaller step….we seem to have adventurous nomads in our family!!

    • Yes true… We have all taken a big chance, but I think they have all worked out for the best. Sometimes that first step is the hardest…

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  5. It takes a great open-mind to do what you do! Thanks for sharing your adventure, CT

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  10. Well CTB, I’ve seen many combos but seldom THREE, and seldom as apt as these!! The photos are perfect and your text ties them to the challenges beautifully. VERY well done!!!

    • The photos weren’t my best, but showed what I wanted to say for the theme. Sometimes I need to get creative and tie things together when I am short on time 😉
      Thanks very much for the compliments.

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  14. It looks like that cloud is just eating up that mountain.

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