Dusky Hues

Here is my response to Bastet’s Pixleventures prompt DUSK.


A cold wintry night in December 2012 left beautiful colours as the sun was dipping below the horizon.

Dusky Pastels

Dusky Pastels


Conversely, the warm gentle breezes in August painted the sky with soft, pale colours in Port Dalhousie, Ontario.

Pale Dusky Summer Hues

Pale Dusky Summer Hues

Check out the link above to see more examples. You may also want to see my post from earlier today on our recent quick trip to Hong Kong.

Stay tuned…


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26 thoughts on “Dusky Hues

  1. Nice moody photos! The top one reminds me that the snow is still coming down in parts of Canada.

    • Yes it has been a long winter for North America this year. We are still in China and lucked out with a late and mild winter. It is catching up with us now though with a late spring. We are 5-10 degrees cooler than usual. The rain and wind has been bringing the temps down. It was warmer in March than April has been. Last month we were in light jackets or short sleeves. April I have the light winter coat back out!

  2. That photo is an interesting mix of warm and cold!

    • Polar opposites. Lets hope it warms up soon back home. I don’t want to be wearing my winter jacket when I come home this summer πŸ˜‰

  3. Freda Goulet

    Beautiful photos… many of us are too busy to appreciate the beauty that you have captured here…

  4. These are so perfect! A great job with these photos!

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  6. Wonderful pictures, beautiful colors! Even though I don’t really want to think about snow now. Yesterday we had the most lovely sunny day here. A bit chilly in the shadows, but still close to summer.

    • Yes I don’t want to think of winter either. Our April is turning out to be more like Shanghai winter… cold and damp. It has been very grey or raining the last 2-3 weeks, so no sun to warm things up. We have had the heat on! Meanwhile March was lovely and we were out in short sleeves most days. I guess that is what we get for having a mild winter… a cooler spring 😦

      • Since saturday we have almost summer weather here. Saturday and sunday was sunny and nice, but a bit chilly in the wind and in the shadow.
        Today it’s getting more and more cloudy, but a bit warmer. At present – it’s high noon – it’s +20,2 C
        Not quite a normal april, but very wonderful!

        I experienced a personal victory today. I walked 3,6 km and it took me 45 minutes. And I don’t feel bad now with aching muscles!
        I haven’t been able to walk that long since last autumn. The cold dark winter and the flu have been nasty to me. (That is – to the fibromyalghia)

        • Wow that is an impressive walk. I would like to get out and walk more, but the rain, dampness or too much work keeps me inside. Whenever I have the time it seems the weather or even worse the air is bad! We walk a lot in Shanghai anyway since we don’t have a car. Just to get groceries, go catch my work bus we get around. Work is 4 floors, so I am on my feet a lot anyway.
          Nice you had warm weather… we should be around 20c right now and have been 13-15c (or colder) with rain or strong cold winds. The weather has dropped down cold suddenly each day too. Crazy… we are usually more stable. This is what we get for a milder winter πŸ˜‰

          • Yes! Many things are depending on the weather. Cold, dark and windy are not something that makes you want to go out.
            Doing a lot of small things are probably the best. Breaking up the “sitting time” as often as possible. For 5 minutes or 15 minutes, that doesn’t matter. Take the stairs. Walk for an extra block to and fro the bus. Et cetera et cetera.
            I worked at a cleaning company some 8-10 years ago as the leader of o group of cleaning ladies. There were little time for long walks or bike tours, but during work hours I moved around much. Also helped out a bit with the actual cleaning. Had sometimes to do that when someone was sick, or because I needed to take some extra care of a customer.
            I lost quite many kg in just a couple of months, and felt very fit.

            • I am a teacher, so there is little time for sitting. πŸ˜‰ Our school is large so I noticed when I started here I lost weight and toned up from all the stairs. Due to my back issues I cannot physically sit still for too long and have to get up and move around. Every move certainly helps.

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  8. Oh you have two very lovely entries. I love the lighthouse one you don’t see many of those πŸ™‚ It summons up all kinds of sailor stories for me. I have just made a very late entry for this photo prompt as only just discovered Bastets pixeventures x

    • We still have light houses along the Great Lakes in Canada. My parents are from the East Coast and Light houses are dotted all over. It is something I recall from my childhood… I am surprised they are not as common anymore. So how do they warn sailors of land? Or maybe a GPS does all that now? 😦 I guess sometimes technology can spoil lovely old traditions.
      Thanks so much for the kind comments. Thank you also for stopping by. I saw your lovely entries… fantastic!

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