Time Fries in Hong Kong

Time Flies when you are having fun, as the saying goes. Well in Hong Kong it seems Time Fries 😉 It seems someone who thinks up the names of shops and restaurants in Hong Kong has a sense of humour.One such place is a restaurant we were invited to breakfast to called the Flying Pan. It was explained it is FLYING instead of FRYING since the Chinese have trouble pronouncing R sounds as much as we have trouble with the tones and subtleties of Chinese.


20140402_094127A few other silly names we have heard about were the Lee Key Boot Shop, Kung Fu Shoes, Hip Wo Housewares, Woo Ping Optical. The best one is from Jo on word press who shared the Fook Hing Book Shop. All these shops are real places and sell real things! The last one, the Book Shop has recently closed or moved. We found the address, but it is now a mattress shop. After having the hotel staff call the phone number and look it up in a local directory we figured it closed or moved within the last year. The phone number was still active, but needed a password to continue. If anyone has come across it again please let us know 😉 As I said someone must have a sense of humour, is very clever, or does not think about the translation.

On our last day in Hong Kong we headed down to Wan Chai Metro stop. From the metro we turned left and walked a 20140402_095450block or two before we came to this restaurant. It was tricky to find since it is on the 3rd or 4th floor and the sign was covered by trees. The entrance is into an office or apartment building, so it was easy to miss from street level. Luckily John’s friend waited for us on street level and lead the way. Inside we found a spacious restaurant in a 50’s style soda shop. Comfy couches on one sie and booths and tables on the other. Black and white floor tiles gave me the impression it was like the dinners of long ago.


Being a week day the place was not too crowded and service was pretty good. Weekends and later in the day we heard it would be crowded. Prices were reasonable and options for large English and Western style breakfasts adorned the menu. For many of the plates you could ‘build your own’. The sides were all listed on the bottom of the page and you could pick what you wanted to best compliment your meal. 20140402_092451Choices of breads went beyond your traditional white or brown toast to croissants, English muffins or pancakes. The side dishes were also different with healthy fruits, cinnamon apples, to more traditional tomato and potatoes. It was nice to have so many options.


The food came and loaded the plate. I had a delicious omelette with the sides of fruit and cinnamon apples. John’s friend had poached eggs, side of fruit and tomato. John had a big breakfast with fruit and potato. It filled us up and was delicious. Juice is included in the meal, or for an additional 20 HK$ (I think) you could have a bottomless cup of coffee. The atmosphere and food were just like home. Being away for so long sometimes it is just nice to have something familiar. Not to mention the unappealing breakfasts that was included in our hotel package. After 2 days of that this was a nice and welcome treat.



The Flying Pan was a little hidden gem that I am sure we will seek out again if we return to Hong Kong.

What is your favourite place for breakfast?

Stay tuned…

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25 thoughts on “Time Fries in Hong Kong

  1. The best breakfast I ever had was at the Traders hotel in Kuala Lumpur. A huge dining room with food for every culture on the planet and you could eat as much and try as many types as you wanted. I would have been happy there all day.

  2. It’s funny! Food you maybe wouldn’t choose back home, at least not when eating at some kind of restaurant/cafeteria, tastes just delicious somewhere else.
    Must have been a wonderful trip!

  3. Freda Goulet

    Jack and I discovered a restaurant called My Cousin’s Place in Maine…we made a point of stopping there to eat regardless of the time of day. Delicious food, friendly service, homey atmosphere . The restaurant was located beside a small river so a pleasant place to have a break while on a road trip. Not as exotic as the Flying Pan, but a gem nevertheless!!

    • Good food doesn’t need to be exotic 😉 And the place felt like I was some where in Canada… not Hong Kong. When we travel it is fun to sample the local foods, but sometimes you need that little comfort from home.

  4. I have never visited HK, my husband and daughter have. I heard HK has the best Chinese food.

    • There is a lot of variety, so you can’t go wrong. Last trip we had Chinese, Vietnamese and Italian 😉 This trip we had Western, Chinese, Italian and local fast food.

  5. A place we call “the chicken place” because the sign is a chicken. Falls Manor on Lundy’s Lane in Niagara Falls Ontario. Amazing waffles and everything else is very yummy!

  6. Oh how that “time fries” cracks me up!!

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  8. So glad you got a shot of that. Bummer the bookshop was gone. It seems mysterious that it still has a phone.

    • Yes funny the phone is still working, although it could be someone else’s phone now for something totally different. (Qucik turn around on numbers???) The message was in Chinese and the hotel staff translated as best they could. They also looked up the shop in Chinese and English (2 different directories) and both had the same infomation we had, so they said it must be closed. Which we knew after going there -which was a long walk! Oh well maybe it will spring up again somewhere else 😉

  9. Lol…we have a Flying Pan, here in Seoul too….actually 3 of them! Fortunately, they all make a great breakfast!

    • Who knew! That is too funny there is some in Seoul. That is one place we missed when we went there a year and half ago. The food was super in HK too. We loved Seoul and the coffee was great! One place Holly’s reminded me of Timmies back home. Coffee in China isn’t as good and it can be expensive! Guess that is why they drink tea 😉

  10. A tasty, delicious treat!

  11. I remember seeing the Fook Hing Book Shop doing the rounds somewhere! Surely someone will hunt it down quickly.

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