On Top in China: Photo Challenge

For this photo challenge I thought I would take a look back. These photos are from 2011 from a day trip to Zhejaojiao (ZGee-jah-je-ow) just outside of Shanghai. For some of myΒ  followers you may recall the one photo used to be my header. This is my take on this week’s theme set by word press On Top. Which Sara states can be a physical location, or perspective.

Crowds of People On Top of a Small Bridge

Crowds of People On Top of a Small Bridge


Many old buildings are adorned with dragons on the tile rooves. Here is a close up.


Decorative Dragon On Top of a Roof

Decorative Dragon On Top of a Roof


This small town is called the Venice of China with the winding river and many small bridges. Many little shops, tea houses and restaurants line the river. You can take a small boat to cruise around and avoid some of the crowds. To get there we took a taxi which cost about 400 RMB ($60-70) back in 2011. The drive took 1 hour, one way. We were off the meter, so we could negotiate the price. We also had the driver wait for us, so we had 3 hours to explore at our own pace, which was more than enough time. If you want to read more check out my original post The Venice of China.


I have been busy blogging away this weekend. I took advantage of the extra day off. You can check out my other posts by following the links here:

Hoppy Easter (:)

Stay tuned…

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33 thoughts on “On Top in China: Photo Challenge

  1. Oh how gorgeous pictures!!!

    • Thank you… I wanted to dig back and show something I hadn’t shown. That was from a day trip in 2011. I used to write, but not show photos when I first started to blog because I would make on-line photo albums and send the links to friends and family back home. That was before when I didn’t have any followers outside of my circle of friends and family πŸ˜‰

      • I have also mostly been writing before, both in my blogs and with novels, short stories etc. I have seen myself as a writer even though I haven’t got anything published. A wannabe I guess!
        I still dream of being a “real” writer. O_o

        I used to think of myself as one that creates pictures of words. I’m very good at figuration. But then something happened. The burn-out, the fibromyalghia, the stress… my brain kind of stopped working in its usual way.
        What I miss most, is the sharpness of my mind and the ability to walk and bike as much as I want.
        But I’m working on it and I will be my old self again. Or should I say: a better. improved me… πŸ˜‰
        And I do feel better nowadays.

        • Glad to hear you are getting better Ninna. It is really hard when we want to do something and our body limits us. I know a little what it is like because I had a minor car accident years ago and that still limits what I can do. At least I don’t have a desk job for 8 hours. That would be a killer for my back.

          • Thank goodness for that! Eight hours desktop is really a killer! Not only for the back. O_o

  2. We miss this place when we were in Shanghai. Looks beautiful via your lens.

    • Thanks Amy. There are a lot of little water towns around Shanghai. This one is a little further out and harder to get to since it is not reachable by metro and I am not sure about buses. If it wasn’t for a TV show we wouldn’t have planned to go there. It is popular with the expats and Chinese. A lot of people I know have done it for a short day trip. I didn’t see any hotels, so I think it caters more to the day tripper. If you come back you will have to see it. Although someone just went recently and said it has started to change and more modern shops and plazas are springing up.

  3. I’ve been to this town too when we were in Shanghai. It was lovely !

  4. Oh it looks lovely

    • It was really cool. It was nice to take a wander around all those little narrow streets and bridges. Those pics/daytrip were from 2011. Someone I know went recently and said it is starting to change and the carpark is now a bunch of shops. Hopefully it still keeps its charm.

  5. Lovely takes on the prompt!

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  7. A fun, exciting version of the theme. Definitely makes us feel like we are on top of the world. Happy Easter.

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  9. Looks like a great place to visit!
    Thanks for sharing!

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