Letters & Words : Weekly Photo Challenge

I had fun searching and looking through all my photo files to come up with examples of letters. Spending nearly the last 4 years in China and having the opportunity to travel and visit many places in Asia I had to narrow it down to these.



So stop what you are doing and sit back and enjoy the collection of letters, words and symbols.


This first photo is a stop sign, which I am sure you guessed. The word is TING and means STOP in Mandarin Chinese.



The one on the right is also a stop sign that we spied in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

These letters are very different from what we are used to, but we get the meaning. Who knew the sign colour and shape would be so universal?


Welcoming in the New Year 2014.

Welcoming in the New Year 2014.



Pub Street is a main tourist street in Siem Reap that is loaded not only with bars, but many western style restaurants. The neon sign lights up the night as we wandered along. A New Year’s Eve banner also stretched across the street to advertise their Angkor Beer and welcome in the New Year.







From Siem Reap, Cambodia. A small shop that made its own wine. The 3 types of letters spell out Wine Shop in the local language, English and I believe Chinese.



This funny fellow drove around on his electric scooter spewing bubbles. Meanwhile heart-shaped balloons spun along wildly in the breeze. We saw him a few times and one night as luck would have it he had stopped to refill his bubble machine, so I was able to snap a pic. I wish I knew what he was saying on his signs. Any ideas?


Neon signs in Chinese from Honh Kong.

Neon signs in Chinese from Hong Kong.


More signs this time down a small side street in HoChiMin City, Vietnam.

More signs this time down a small side street in HoChiMin City, Vietnam.


Silly mistakes

Silly mistakes

In China they call in Chinglish, where things are misspelled or lost in translation. There are entire books on silly things like this. I pointed out the 2 mistakes I found -Hepsi Cola and Freda Orange Juice. Take a look as some of the other interesting options on this menu.




The last photo is simple and understated after some of the other interesting combinations of letters. This was a boat that took tourists from the resorts around Mindoro Island in the Philippines to another beach that has soft powdery sand. Enjoy the view.

This is my response to Word Press’ Theme for their weekly photo challenge Letters. Check out more here.

Stay tuned…

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19 thoughts on “Letters & Words : Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Freda Goulet

    A very interesting collection of signs…my favorite? Freda Orange Juice…LOL!

  2. =) I thought you would have had the one about pets in your complex. / I wonder if the STOP sign is universal?

    • Seems the stop sign is universal…
      The one about the pets…? Did you mean the sign about cleaning up after them? I thought about it, but then thought I would post something new. I had so many I had to narrow down πŸ˜‰

  3. Great selections, CT! I’m glad you included words and characters.

  4. A bubble making motor cycle guy…I love that sort of crazy

    • It was hilarious. We saw him a few times and he was always speeding by, so we lucked out when we caught him refilling and he was quite happy to pose for us. I still don’t know what it means, but for us it just made us happy. I figure maybe he is speading JOY πŸ™‚

  5. Fun and adventurous signs. Last picture, reminds of all the happy Summers in the many islands of the Philippines. Have a great weekend.

    • Yes I wanted to post something that just was peaceful and relaxing. It has been chilly, rainy and grey here, so that photo and memories of our trip lifted my spirits.
      Have a great weekend to you as well πŸ™‚

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  7. So many letters, so little time CTB! You have so much to choose from with all of your travels πŸ™‚ My favorites were the stop signs and the misspellings. Had to think a bit about the orange juice!!!

    • Thanks Tina. I did have a lot more to pick from than I thought I would. I have one more I want to post, but I haven’t found it yet… maybe I will have a chance to post it before Friday. The traditional Cambodian language is so beautiful I wish I had some of that to post too.
      The Freda Orange Juice I am guessing is Fresh? I had to take a photo and then show it for my Aunt who reads my blog faithfully… her name is Freda πŸ™‚

  8. What fun! I love seeing signs translated from other languages into English that didn’t quite make the transition in one piece. πŸ™‚ I like the bubble-spewing scooter. How could I not?


    • He was so much fun… he certainly made us smile. We saw him a few times as we walked around during our visit. I wonder if that is normal or just for those few days we were there? I am curious what his signs say too. Probably just some silly adverts… maybe it is better not to know πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for visiting.

  9. Great selections – I really like that menu (esp. fresh fruit tablets)!

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