Rain Rain Go Away

Rain rain go away…

Heavy rain in Hong Kong. View Looking down onto "Times Square"

Heavy rain in Hong Kong. View Looking down onto “Times Square”

I know April showers brings May flowers, but it seems every weekend for the last two months have been super soggy. Spring arrives earlier here in Shanghai than what I was used to back home in Southern Ontario. This year March was glorious. The blossoms filled the air with delicious sweet scents and the sun was shining. Then April happened. We went to Hong Kong in the middle of their ‘Black Rain’, which was a terrible storm that lasted a week. It was the worst they had in years, maybe ever. It must have been a bad omen, bad luck or hid away in our suitcases because we had terrible weather, all of April, here in Shanghai. After a mild winter many complained April turned into winter -cold, damp and grey. We didn’t see the sun for days or sometimes a week at a time. How depressing. The winds were chilly and every weekend it rained. The rain was that heavy downpour that soaks you to the skin in seconds. What is worse it is a cold rain. Brrr!

March sunset and blossoms

March sunset and blossoms in Shanghai

April seemed it would never end, but eventually May made its way. After the first soggy weekend in May temperatures started to rise, the sun shone for days in a row; a shock to our now sensitive eyes. Then the weekend came and it rained and again it rained some more. Our balcony is covered in water and the pinging of the heavy rain on the railing and pipes outside is constant. 14 floors up I can hear it coming down! Tomorrow is Monday and the forecast is…. sun.

Join in on Bastet’s Pixleventures and show your examples of Spring activity.

Stay tuned….


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33 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away

  1. I do hope the forecast is a good one. here they never get it right.

    • Here too, but seems they are always right when they forcast a rainy weekend. We always hope then they are wrong πŸ˜‰

  2. I hope the weather improves soon – your photo is really pretty!

    • Thanks Meg, The blossoms were lovely and the colours of the sunset were perfect. Lucky I was walking that way. We never usually go that way.

  3. Wonderful photos! That second one looks like a japanese drawing…fantastic! Thanks for linking these to Pixelventures, I know how busy you are! All the best and hope the sun comes out!

  4. Raining isn’t always fun, but yet it’s needed! And it lets you take wonderful pictures. The flower picture is gorgeous! What’s the name of that tree? I recognize the flowers but the name won’t get through to me.

    • Shanghai has been really soggy this year. April especially. At least May we have had some sun.
      I am not sure but I wonder if it is a magnolia tree? We have a lot of them around Shanghai. We also had one in the town I grew up in back home. It is so beautiful when they are in bloom.

      • Yes! Magnolia was the name I was looking for! We have those here in south of Sweden as well. Blooming before the leaves come, and really overwhelming. Very beautiful!

  5. Freda Goulet

    Hi Diana, I loved your photo of the sunset with the blossoms. …beautiful. We have a lovely Magnolia in full bloom one street over from us. I think you may be disappointed in our Southern Ontario summer forecast…cooler than normal. Oh well, we just have to adapt to whatever Mother Nature sends us!!

    • As long as I don’t need my winter coat this summer πŸ˜‰ Hopefully the sun is shining and the sky is blue. After all this grey sky and damp for the last 6-8 weeks I’ll need it.
      Just checked today’s forecast for busy Monday… sunny and hot! Then this weekend… cool and rain! It is just so strange that since the end of March about every weekend has been rain.

    • PS Do you remember the huge one on Main Street in Grimsby that blooms every spring?
      We have lots of Magnolia trees around Shanghai and lots right out in front of our apartment. Their blossoms came and went already though. Now we have these other trees with a really sweet smell in bloom.

  6. that is some serious rain, hope it gets better!

    • The first 2 years we were here we hardly had rain. Last year there was more and this year… is a lot! Seems one extreme to the other. At least we haven’t had any flooding.

  7. I hope your much wanted sunshine has arrived!

  8. What is what we need here…

    • I’ll gladly send some to you Amy πŸ™‚ We have had more than our fair share this year. Thank goodness our field at school is astro turf or we would be SO muddy!

  9. Sounds like here in Toronto!

    • You guys have had enough terrible weather this year… bring on the sun! Especailly since I’ll be home for the summer πŸ˜‰

  10. I love the colorful umbrellas. =) Yes, rain can make it unbearable, but you always have something to look forward to – summer weather! =)

    • Rain isn’t fun… especially when it happens every weekend for months! Shanghai has been really grey (with pollution or cloudy and rainy days) and we are all just waiting for the sun. I will enjoy Canada this summer with its blue skies! I think I appreciate it more.

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  12. that last picture is truly stunning x

  13. Bummer CTB – trust the sun will be back and when the steamy summer arrives you may wish you had a few rainclouds back! Love your flower shot.

    • Well the rain is sticking around and over night the temps have gone from damp to super humid. Guess the location here plays havoc with us no matter the season!
      Glad you like the last shot. This is when I love digital photography… knowing after many tries I got the shot I wanted to see… with no waste of film or waiting to see if it worked.

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