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Here it is June already and time for a new Tourist in Your Town Challenge. Thanks goes out to  Junkboat Travels (on blogspot)  for participating in last month’s challenge Favourite and showing some of her favourite Burger joints in and around Toronto, Canada.

It is a long weekend here in China for Duan Wu, Dragon Boat Festival. The holiday is usually mid-week, but this year it falls on a Monday. Yippee 3 day weekend. Yesterday John and I went to the Beer Festival. John’s friend had a booth and was selling his home-brew and asked John to prepare some food to go along with the drinks. We spent the day selling tasty Beef on a Bun. Crowds came despite the heat. The energy and fun-filled the air for those expats and locals alike that decided to stay in the city.

The Beerfest runs Saturday and Sunday from noon until 10PM. Numerous homebrewers, restaurants and breweries sell their ware. Most participants are from around Shanghai, but some come from other cities. With a large expat community tastes from other countries are also present. In the evening bands hit the main stage to entertain the crowds and create a bar atmosphere outside. It was held in Puxi near Fuxing Park at Sinan Mansions. Sinan is an outside venue with small 2 story European style buildings. This year is the 4th beerfest, so if you’re in the area next year keep it in mind 😉 The address is:

Sinan Mansions 519-521 Fuxing Zhong Lu (near Sinan Lu)

and in Chinese:

思南公馆 复兴中路519号 近思南路

The metro information:

Line 10 (Purple): Xintiandi 10号-新天地

Shanghai Beerfest

Shanghai Beerfest

The Beerfest gave me the idea for this month’s Tourist in Your Own Town theme: Festivals and Gatherings. Now the festival season is just starting, but if you have any photos from last year post them and give us the details, dates and description for this year. Hey maybe if someone is in your neck of the woods they may stop by. No festivals where you live? No problem… what is your summer tradition? Maybe it is a family BBQ, a weekend around a campfire with friends, a church picnic or even a parade. Just show us something festive and fun that you are looking forward to this summer.



  • post your pictures and then link back to this post so others can find you
  • use Tourist in Your Town in the title and tags
  • invite others to join in
View of the venues just before opening time

View of the venues just before opening time




The challenge runs for the month of June and a new challenge will be up the first week of July

Stay tuned…


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33 thoughts on “Festivals & Gatherings: Tourist in Your Town

  1. A beerfest can’t fail!

    • Saturday was glorious, but Sunday it rained and rained and rained! SO hard too. It stopped around 5:30 and a few people came out, but the record crowds they hoped for wasn’t met. My poor husband cooked for this; we’ll be eating leftovers for months!

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  3. Ugh ..I’m so sorry another month escaped me. This summer I’ll make a point to do some catch up posts from your challenges. I like them since I need to get out and participate in my community…go get new photos. 😉

    • No worries…
      I think I need to rethink the whole idea. I only had 1 taker last month. I thought that would be an easy theme for people. Lots of interest, but no one comes back. I don’t have the time to ’round’ up people, so maybe it may be time to put it to rest. We’ll give it the summer and see how it goes.

  4. vastlycurious.com

    Compared to the Great Wall of China ….how does one compete with that : ))) I will try this challenge when I move ! 🙂

  5. Dragon Boat Festival! I’d love to see the pics of the dragon boats 🙂

    • After being here 4 years we haven’t seen a dragon boat for this festival. Still haven’t figured out why it is called that and no dragon boats in Shanghai. With all the rivers and being close to the sea… you would think there would be a boat somewhere! I even asked my Chinese co-teacher once and she laughed. I guess I need to research the history behind this.

  6. I don’t drink but I bet there’s food in every booth. As for festivals, always fun. So much to see and discover.

    • Yes there was lots of food! I don’t really drink either, but I was there to work. My husband cooked food for the event. I was the cashier 🙂 There was good music and lots of expats. It was fun to meet other Canadians so far from home.

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  9. This is our season for fests … I do hope to participate this month!

    • Great… looking forward to the post. I thought I would do it easrly as the festival season is just starting, so people could tell us about events coming up over the summer. That way if people are travelling they may swing by and check it out.

      • I’m going to a comic fest today and hope to get some nice photos for this promt! Right now we’ve got a lot of things going so I may be able to participate more.

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  12. Here is a link to the wine festival we attended: http://theblackberryboys.wordpress.com/2014/06/21/spring-festivals-part-2-wine-festival/
    We also have a beer festival here every year 🙂 but I like wine better 🙂
    xoxo Fanni

    • I agree wine is better. Hubby was cooking for the beer festival and I was cashier, so I didn’t drink the beer.
      Thanks for giving us a link to your festival. Don’t forget to tell others in your posts, so they too can join in:)

    • Ok iPad troubles… I am working on a new challenge/post right now. Hope to see you again Fanni.

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