The Magic Bank Account

I found this through Traces of Soul’s Blog.
I don’t reblog much, but this seemed an important one to share.

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6 thoughts on “The Magic Bank Account

  1. I suppose many had seen this before but I wasn’t one of them. Loved it!!

    • Hi Tina, I hadn’t seen it before either. I reblogged it from a reblog… but I thought it was worth sharing. I want to post it at work, or slip it under my boss’ door 😉 especailly now as we are swamped with end of the year stuff. It really made me think about having more time to do the things I want with friends and family instead of always worrying about obligations. I far too often put work first.

  2. I won’t envy the person who won the prize! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Yes that is true… but we all have that prize 😉 Just reminded me to use the time I have wisely and be sure to take a little time for me. Much easier said that done.

  3. Share with those who don’t have much and hope it will change someone’s life as much as it change yours. It’s nice to dream for a moment kind of like what will we do if we won the Lotto.

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